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tv   Today  NBC  February 27, 2013 7:00am-11:00am PST

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even stopped to kiss a baby. even highlighted joy and difficulty in his time of papacy. the modern quote september out a tweet saying if everyone could experience being a christian, the love of god being loved by us. >> good morning from peter's square, pierre. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning. this square erupted with cheers as the pope moved through the crowd. this city of history witnessed something it hasn't seen since 600 years, a pope leaving the papacy. to love the church means to have the courage to make painful, difficult decisions the pope said. i would like to thank everyone for understanding. ♪ 50,000 faithful were invited, thousands more came to celebrate a pope, arriving in his pope mobile. many young people. pope benedict xvi, the first
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pope they've known and the old who know how his story is. gathering to hear the last testament. and looking on the cardinal, one of these men could soon be pope, the first from pope benedict, a prayer. a final message to his follower followers. >> ask each of you to pray for me and for the new pope i impart my blessing. thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: this frail man choosing a quieter life. so very different from his predecessor john paul who stayed until the very end. anthony from pennsylvania witnessed both pope's last sermons. >> they're courage in different ways.
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in opposite ways but the same degree of courage. >> reporter: the pope summoning the strength to say good-bye, giving up one of the most powerful roles on earth. meeting publicly with the faithful one last time. >> savannah as the pope got up to leave. there was a wave of emotion. people calling out to him, waving good-bye. many people held up banners saying thank you in return. pope benedict told the faithful i have never felt this way. >> thank you. greg burke is the senior communications adviser just with the pope in the final audience. good morning it's good to see you. >> good morning. >> sometimes tone can be lost in translation. you heard this address. how does the pope seem to you these last few days? what's his mood? . he's a serene person. i have known him as cardinal ratzinger.
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he took a lot of hits from john paul ii. i see him now calmer than ever. he showed a little emotion from sunday. not so much today. a beautiful speech. one was precisely about the weather. as mentioned before. he said we're in the middle of winter. let's thank god fort beautiful day we have. >> this was stunning in terms of timing and opened up a wrath of conspiracy theories, some saying this dossier containing allegations of corruption among some members of the church body. do you confidently say this pope's decision has to do with his health and health alone? >> i think we should take him on his word. people sell novels, millions of copies with conspiracy theories, he's repeated now on several occasions. and you see it. i watched him over the last eight years. i was very nervous as christmas,
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because i got a very good seat. you can tell he is slowing down. >> despite exhaustion and rigor of the job. do you think there's scandals? >> there's no doubt that the job has a lot of weight. it's not just precisely that you have to travel and you have to do this or that. it also has a moral responsibility. he says that, his is physical and spiritual energy. that's what he's referring to. >> some people look at this as a great act of humility. putting the institution above any one person. do you think it left the church vulnerable? opening a pandora's box? >> he's a traditionalist. you're essentially going against tradition. but he is saying very humbly. we need somebody with more energy to do this and opened up
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a pandora's bock is the opinion of some. he has faith. that's what he showed us today in his speech today. above all, he has faith. this is not my church. it's not our church,s it ate church of christ. >> he mentioned he wants to return to private life. he talked about his privacy this morning. do you think we may literally never see him publicly again after tomorrow? >> i'll be very curious, i think we'll probably catch glimpses of him walking in the garden. that's my guess. he's not the type of person -- when he says he wants to retire, he wants to retire. he is not the kind of person that will go on a book tour. he may continue writing. >> good to see you in person, thank you. we'll have more throughout the vatican. but we want to head back to new york and get the rest of the top stories from natalie morales. >> good morning. it's a high-stakes game of chicken in washington with no end in site as $85 billion in budget cuts set to kick in friday.
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economists are calling for lawmakers to delay the cuts that slash federal programs including defense spending and unemployment benefits. after weeks of partisan bickering, chuck hagel takes his oath of office today. the senate decided to confirm hagel after the gop shut down its filibuster. some 100,000 homes and businesses are without power across the nation's mid section this morning after a winter storm battered residents from texas to kansas for a second time in less than a week. roofs collapsed across the region, under heavy snow killing one person in oklahoma. traffic accidents caused by icy road conditions killed two people in kansas and meantime in a texas panhandle, schools and major highways are closed yet again today. today we'll have much more with al on the forecast in just a moment. new images this morning of the deadly hot air balloon crash that killed 19 tourists on the sight-seeing tour in the ancient
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egyptian city of luxor. after catching fire it plunged 1,000 feet. all of the country's hot air balloonses grounded. as the crisis in syria escalates the obama administration is considering whether or not to provide assistance to the forces. the direct aid could include military equipment, vehicles and training. and a new commercial for a british chocolate company is raising eyebrows online. in it audrey hepburn is from beyond the grave 20 years after her death thanks to cgi technology. folks lighting up with criticism. her sons released the statement said they're proud of the commercial and that her mother always loved chocolate. it's beautifully done. pretty amazing to see. nine minutes after the hour. back to matt now. we have a big storm on the
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northeast but we're on the warm side of of it. >> exactly. there's a lot of rain, a lot of wind. it's going to continue for the next 12 hours. along the coast we're looking at rain, inland we're expecting snow. snowfall ams as you can see, we've got winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings stretching from missouri into new england. the rainfall amounts, about a quarter inch of rain to half an inch but snow anywhere from 3 to 9 inches of rain north of boston into upstate new york and northern interior new england. we'll have your local forecast in just a moment. ment. but first, this message. and you end up choosing google, you get an xbox. i'll bet you the xbox, you bet me your son. well let's look up what you need. okay, i would do the left. yeah? what?! i am a daddy! bing wins it! bing won. bing did win. people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to
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and see what you're missing. >> announcer: "today in the bay" weather is sponsor bid bank of the west. >> 7:10 on a wednesday morning. you're almost to the weekend. hold on. the weather will be nice today. 70 degrees in livermore. 68 degrees on the way for conco concord. right around 70 degrees even here in san jose. getting into the next couple of days we keep on climbing in temperature. looks like we'll peak on saturday. that's a great day to hit the beach. things will change on sunday. clouds increase. fog and drizzle on the way. the rain moves in tuesday. and that's your latest weather. matt. >> al, thank you very much. sobering new information this morning about women and breast cancer. a study just released by the journal of the american medical association reveals an increase in advanced cases among women under the age of 40. dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good to have you here. >> hi, matt. >> this study will worry women
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across the country, especially younger women. >> it will. >> what's going on? >> metastatic kind of cancers, the kind that spread throughout the body in women 25 to 39. these are the cancers that are more aggressive. they're not the ones women go looking for. we don't do mammograms in younger women and these are women that a lot of times don't have insurance. >> the numbers, as you mentioned, relatively small, about three cases per 100,000 in that age group but since 1976, that number has basically doubled. >> the question then is why? and researchers don't know that. we're starting to look at, what are the environmental factors? could this be the canary in the gold mine that we are now fatter and because fat holds on to toxins and some hormones, could that be a harbinger of things to come? could it be that children are starting their menstrual cycles earlier, 8 and 9 years old? we just don't know.
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>> touching on a point you said a moment ago, the fact that these cancers tend to be more advanced and more deadly in younger age groups, is this simply because these women aren't screening? >> when you're younger, something has gone wrong with your immune system already so these cancers tend to be more aggressive. i want people to hear one thing. that doesn't mean we start screening with mammography for 20 and 30 years old. hold to our standards but what causes breast cancer? that's our weak link. >> a lot of people will be looking at these headlines this morning. as always, thank you very much. >> you bet. new jersey governor chris christie, a new battle today. this time, he's at odds with his own party. andrea mitchell is here to explain that. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. 74% approval rating in new jersey. that's the envy of his fellow governors. that does not seem to matter to the republican party's conservative leaders. the latest sign that chris
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christie won't bow down to hardliners, his annual budget speech, signing on to obamacare, eighth republican governor to accept the plan. >> it's simple. we're putting people first. which is why after considerable discussion and research i have decided to participate in medicaid expansion under the affordable care act. >> reporter: that follows a very public embrace when the president pledged federal aid after superstorm sandy the week before the election. >> i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state and for the people of our state. >> reporter: romney supporters were furious. later, christie railed against house republicans for shelving a disaster relief bill. >> shame on you. shame on congress. >> reporter: now a snub from the political conference, inviting every national republican to speak except the keynoter of the 2012 convention, chris christie.
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christie turned down the group's invitation two years ago. they see a bigger problem, the party's refusal to broaden its base. >> if the republican future does not include a place for people like chris christie, the republican party don't have a future. >> reporter: the white house isn't doing christie any favors with republican hardliners, seating him this week in the place of honor, next to the first lady at the black tie dinner for governors. chri christie's speech could help him. >> he is up for re-election and the idea of national conservatives giving him a hard time doesn't hurt with moderate voters in new jersey. >> if christie wants to run for president in 2016, he will still have to figure out how to get through the primaries without making peace with his party's right wing. natalie? >> andrea mitchell, thanks. new information this morning in the oscar pistorius murder case. the olympic star charged with
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killing his girlfriend held a private memorial service for her last night and her family is not happy. michelle kosinski is in pretoria, south africa. good morning. >> reporter: hi, natalie. reputation management company hired by oscar pistorius said the details leaked to the media, although they didn't say how, about this memorial service he had planned and held her at his uncle's house, forcing them, they said, to put out a statement about it ahead of time. there has been not a glimpse of oscar pistorius since he was released on bail, accused of premeditated murder. but friends and family arrived at his uncle's house last night for a memorial for reeva steenkamp. a spokesperson quoted it as a private matter saying in a statement oscar specifically requested the memorial service as he continues to grieve and remains in mourning for the loss
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of his partner, reeva. however, those who know steenkamp, seen here on video arriving before the evening she was shot and killed, her agent calling it inappropriate and heartbreaking. her uncle saying i'm not interested in what he's trying to do. i think it may just be hitting him now what he's done. in a documentary this past week, her parents expressed their grie grief. >> >> you can't come to terms with this. this is going to be forever, this. >> reporter: there has also been a sort of back and forth over pistorius' plans before trial. he has informed them of his intention to resume training but pistorius' spokesperson denies that, saying absolutely not, that he's currently in mourning
7:16 am
and his focus is not on sports. in another strange and tragic twist for the people involved in this case, the judge who granted pistorius' bail is also in mourning right now. his first cousin and her two children were found dead in a home. police suspect she poisoned herself and her two teenage boys. natalie? >> michelle kosinski in pretoria, thank you. you can see more of that interview with reeva steenkamp's parents friday night on "dateline." matt? >> thank you. just call him the king of the world. 100 years after the sinking of the titanic, one tycoon is planning on building a modern replica of that doomed oceanliner. stephanie gosk has more on that. >> if someone said to you, we're building another titanic, do you want to join us on the first trip? would you do it or wait and see how that first trip went? a billionaire from australia has begun construction on the titanic ii and there are a lot of people clamoring to get on board.
7:17 am
in the chronicles of human failures, there are a few more infamous than the titanic. all ships, we learned, can sink, including the one they called unsinkable. now a century later, an australian billionaire says it's time for the titanic to sail again and revise its place in history. >> 100 years later, sailing the exact same route, take up the torch and sail to new york and complete the journey. >> reporter: clive palmer is building the titanic ii, an almost exact replica of the first titanic, ready to set sail by 2016. the mining tycoon funding the project entirely by himself is something of a romantic. >> titanic was the ship of dreams and titanic ii is the ship where dreams will come true. it's not just a ship. it's the experience. it's about rose and jack. >> reporter: rose and jack from the award-winning movie. like director james cameron, palmer is sparing no expense to
7:18 am
re-create the cruise liner, the grand staircase, restaurants and smoking room will be identical. but there will be some notable dierences on board the titanic ii. this ship will have enough lifeboats, along with modern technology to avoid the icebergs. there are already 40,000 applications for the first trip, including a dozen people willing to pay $1 million for first class. titanic survivor molly brown's great granddaughter already has a place on board. >> she would be the first one in line for a ticket, absolutely. she would love it. she never finished the voyage and she always loved to finish what she started. >> that's really what palmer himself is doing, finishing what was started. unlike the issue titanic, this ship was being built in china, not in belfast, ireland. a sign of the times says palmer and a chance to unit people from all over the world. this guy thinks big.
7:19 am
>> stephanie gosk, thank you very much. on scientific poll, how many of us would go on voyage on the next titanic? >> i see where in the world. >> you make it to england, send us a postcard. >> it's amazing how much smaller this is going to be compared to the other ships that are out there right now. >> the size of a pontoon boat. >> lot more life jackets and lifeboats on board this one. coming up, we've got a great story. a modern day treasure hunt. why one man decided to give away a vast fortune by burying it for you and others to find. also ahead, new controversy this morning surrounding marissa mayer's decision to ban yahoo! employees from working >> announcer: "today in the bay" weather is sponsored by bank of the west.
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uniquely formulated with cedar, pine, and corn. the time is 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. the memorial continues growing outside of the santa cruz police department this morning. an entire community mourning the deaths of two of its officers. elizabeth butler was a veteran detective with ten years of service. she is survived by her partner and two young boys. while sergeant baker is a 28-year veteran and father of three. the two were investigating a sexual assault case when they got into a don flikt with jeremy
7:25 am
goulet. both were hit. minutes later police found goulet. it was quite a scene there. goulet was with killed during the shootout. one witness aerd what sounded like 70 to 80 rounds fired. scluz police will update us on the incident later on this morning. we'll cover it for you. now outside. christina loren is here. say good morning to another beautiful day. >> it will be that. gorgeous conditions today. taking a live look. beautiful clear sky over san jose with mid level clouds streaming in. mostly sunny overall. 28 in sunny vail and a 41 in san mateo. breaking for lunch, getting comfortable all the way. 60s for livermore antioch and napa. we'll round out the day in the 70s. 70 degrees for livermore and santa rosa. mid 60s for oakland and san francisco.
7:26 am
we keep the climb going as we head through thursday into friday and saturday. temperatures drop like a rock and we bring in rain next week. let's check the drive with mike. >> a live look for oakland. 880 past the colosseum. heading away from us, the high street high rise. no problems there. we'll show you the map and go through the area. mild speeds in the upper 50s. southbound side. to the bottom of the screen is the issue. heading south down to the earlier crash right around a street. things look like they have cleared off the roadway. 238. there's the route for the south bay. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll have another local update in a half hour from now.
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residence.. 7:30 now on this wednesday morning, the 27th of february, 2013. a beautiful shot of saipt peter's square at the vatican where pope benedict held his final audience, a crowd of an estimated 150,000 gathered here to see the pope deliver his public farewell. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie, live at the vatican. matt, back in new york. coming up from here, we'll talk to one of the u.s. cardinals who will help elect the next pope. as you know, the church has dealt with a lot of controversies and challenges in
7:29 am
recent years. what are the cardinals looking for in the next leader? we'll get into that, matt. >> savannah, i don't want to telltales out of school, but you flew to rome overnight with cardinal dolan of new york. so, did you ask him who he might be voting for? >> it's possible. i may have asked him a few more questions. listen, if i had any confessions to make, it was extremely handy. we highway good chat and talked about the big decision facing him. he mentioned he is new at this as well. this will be his first conclave. i think he is looking forward to getting more information as well. >> i can just see you getting close to him as he was sleeping to see if he was talking in his sleep. we'll let you go at that. >> i know. and trying to get the wine over there, too, but no, no. i would noefr do that. this sounds like something out of the movies. one man out west decided to bury his multimillion dollar collection for treasure hunters to find. it happened when he was told he had a terminal illness. coming up, his remarkable story. some clues for how you can find
7:30 am
the treasure and a big twist as well. savannah, back to you. all right. matt, we've got more on the historic abdication of pope benedict xvi and the current state of the catholic church. nbc's anne thompson is here at the vatican with more on that. good to see you. >> good to see you, too, savannah. as the battle for control of this institution begins, that some say is a holy mess. it's been a tumultuous eight years for the church and benedict, allegations of sex abuse, money laundering at the vatican bank, the pope's own butler stealing documents and reports of political jockeying that could make corporate america or capitol hill blush. alexandra borgese has known the pope for years. she wrote about her friend when
7:31 am
he was just cardinal joseph ratzinger. >> john paul ii was much more vigorous. when he wanted something, he was really now! joseph ratzinger is not now, but is trying to convince -- maybe try to convince to make these people reasoning in a certain way, but he didn't succeed. >> reporter: even the most faithful say his legacy will be m mixed with great accolades for his teachings and writings but criticism for some of his leadership. >> success is hard to say. it's not that there's been highs and lows but issues to deal with that have been very serious. >> reporter: the abuse of children by priests has driven people away from the church. >> i think there are all kinds of rules and regulations that have been set up to protect children more so that this does not happen again. >> reporter: the growing consensus is that the next pope
7:32 am
must be a strong manager, able to take on the challenges and reign in a dysfunction al. able to lead this institution and charisma never hurt. >> i hope he will be a man with a vision and can move forward. say to the crowd i love you and be strong. we have to make it together. >> reporter: her latest book is about the vatican in the 20th century. she says today there's no more fascinating story than the one playing out in st. peter's square. could you make up the drama going on inside the vatican? >> i have good fantasy, but i don't think so. >> reporter: you couldn't make this stuff up? >> no. nowadays is better than novels. >> that was nbc's anne thompson reporting. the archbishop of washington is one of the 115 cardinals who will elect the next pope.
7:33 am
good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> you were in the pope's final audience this morning. some of the cardinals looked emotional, even teary. were you one of them? >> i was. it was such a powerful moment. this is the first time ever we've had a pope in this context say good-bye. and to see the thousands and thousands of people, but also to hear him speak, what this moment means. it was a very emotional moment. >> congregation of cardinals will start to meet perhaps late this week, early next week. have there been discussions, informal, among the cardinals about who may be the next pope? >> most of the cardinals are just arriving now. i would suspect in the next days there will be conversation but a lot of the conversation is just getting to know better some of the other cardinals. not all the cardinals have an opportunity to come regularly to rome for meetings. so a big part of these
7:34 am
congregations is simply getting to know your brother cardinal. >> we just saw a piece that talked about some of the scandals and controversy the church has faced. i won't rattle them off again but do you feel finding somebody that can restore credibility to the institution is an urgent matter in electing the next pope? >> i think the recoveryriding thing is going to be to maintain the continuity of this focus on the mission of the church, the spiritual ministry of the church. that always will involve taking care of any problems that have arisen. i think we will go into the conclave. the cardinals will go into the conclave, looking for someone who will keep us focused. >> do you think the spiritual mission of the church, the work of the church, has been undermined by some of these scandals? >> the church and its workings are always going to suffer when we members, the human members of the church, do not live up to
7:35 am
the fullness of the gospel. that's part of the history of the church. when christ created the church, divine and human, failures were built into the church. the important thing is to move beyond those. right what was wrong and move into the future. >> we've been talking about the unprecedented nature of this kind of abdication. we haven't seen it in 600 years. not totally unprecedented. do you agree with the decision? do you worry at all about the precedence that it sets? >> going into the future, we now have a new model. it's possible for a pope simply to say -- not just intellectually, but now practically, i can't do this anymore. so i think the holy father has opened up a whole new chapter in the life of the church. but what was so beautiful about this was the way pope benedict simply said, i don't have the energy to do what i know needs to be done. and i think we all know going into the future, the work of the
7:36 am
pope, the next pope is going to have to be the work of moving the whole church rapidly into this very modern age. >> i have ten seconds left. if you had to choose brilliant manager, brilliant evangelist, which would you put a premium on? >> i would always choose the evangelist, the person who can announce the good news. >> cardinal wuerl, good to have you here, sir. important days ahead for you. >> you're welcome. now let's head back to new york and get a check of the weather with al. >> it is torrential rain out here. we wanted to show all these people who have stood by for the last hour or two. now we want you to go inside, get dry and get warm. let's see what we've got for you as far as your weather is concerned. look at this. this is michigan just to the north of detroit. they're going to pick up about three to eight inches of snow before this is all over. and then it will just taper off and they'll start to see some clearing. meantime, let's see what we have temperaturewise. look at these temperatures from
7:37 am
the rockies on into parts of louisiana and even into kentucky, anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees below normal. your highs for the day today. look at the snow showers working their way through northern new engla england. great lakes looking at snow as well. plenty of sunshine through the gulf. chillier with 7:39. a lot of rain in new york. meantime we have a warming trend kicking into high gear today. emeriville to oakland. beautiful, mostly clear. we have mid level clouds but otherwise a nice sunny warm day on tap. 70 degrees in liverer more. 67 on the way to fremont. oakland around 65. we'll hit 68 in san jose. by tomorrow, warmer and the climb really kicks in friday into saturday and sunday. cooler weather and the on shore flow returns. nowing north of
7:38 am
detroit in michigan, that weather video was from massachusetts where, north of boston, they're seeing a decent amount of snow. rain, though, along the coast. matt? >> no harm, no foul, al. thanks very much. amazing story of a man sharing his fortune with the world. that is, if you can find it. why anne hathaway is apologizing for her last-minute gown switch at the oscar. we'll explain that, but first these messages. means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain. for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred.
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we're back now. 7:43, with a treasure hunt that sounds like something right out of the movies. millions of dollars in gold and jewels hidden by a man who has decided to give away his fortune. thousands of people have flocked to santa fe, new mexico in the hopes of finding that fortune. janet, good morning to you. >> reporter: it's an amazing story. the man behind this made his fortune here in santa fe selling his southwestern art. after a devastating medical diagnosis, he recalled the phrase, you can't take it with you. so that has set off what has been a modern day gold rush out here. the treasure is still out there, and whoever finds it will be the keeper. the new mexico mountains have always attracted nature lovers. but the pristine wilderness has never seen so many explorers. do you think you're getting close? >> i always think i'm getting close.
7:43 am
but, you know, attrition alone will get me somewhere. >> reporter: mark howard has made at least 20 trips here, a modern day treasure hunter, hoping like thousands of others. >> a pool like that would be the perfect place. >> reporter: -- to strike it rich. they're all looking for this. a chest filled with a million-dollar bounty. gold coins as well as jewels, diamonds and rubies. they were hid begin a man who knows a treasure when he sees it. >> this is home. >> he has handed down collectibles to a rich and few famous. it brought him his own fortune and a good life. after 328 combat missions in vietnam, he felt bullet-proof. right up until the day of his terminal cancer diagnosis. so you started filling this chest, but what was the goal? >> i said, if i have to go, why
7:44 am
not let somebody else have as much fun with this as i have? >> reporter: he wanted others to feel the same thrill of the chase. so he filled the chest with a poem offering nine clues. >> beginning where warm waters halt. >> reporter: it's been almost three years since forrest says he stashed the gold and the jewels. thousands have trekked out to these mountains based on his clues. yet that treasure remains elusive since the day it was hidden. >> reporter: it's about finding the gold, but something more valuable. he writes, the real treasure might be just bringing family together. do you want someone to find this? >> i'm ambivalent about that. i could go either way. >> reporter: forrest says with the treasure unclaimed, the mystery continues. it may be worth more than the gold itself. here's the irony. after being told he would die and making the decision to give so much money away, he is now cancer free.
7:45 am
he says he enjoys watching everybody search for the treasure. the chest is about like this. we've posted the poem on >> he's cancer free, and yet he still wants to give the money away. >> yeah, he's not going back on what he's done. he's left the chest where he hid it originally two and a half years ago. and he says this is all about the thrill of the chase, and he's enjoying watching people go out and have the adventure. >> that's fantastic. janet chandley in santa fe, new mexico. janet, thank you very much. up next, the story behind this moving moment captured at the end of a half marathon. and the girl who has turned into an internet sensation after a hair curling demonstration that went terribly wrong. but first, these messages. dar! ! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% more flash.
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7:49 am
moment of courage caught during a half marathon. >> doctors weren't sure if monique would ever walk again. when she crossed the finish line with the help of her boyfriend, it touched hearts all around the world. behind this photo is a story of inspiration and determination and love. it's the story of monique coles and her boyfriend, nick donbracker. >> the triumph of will over reason. >> this 35-year-old mother was struck by an unlicensed motorist while riding her bicycle. >> i broke his windshield and he broke my neck. >> doctors weren't sure if she would survive, much less ever walk again. >> it was really sad. i lost everything. >> unable to feed herself at first, nick moved in to help her with her 6-year-old son, liam, with her recovery. >> i was definitely very worried for a long time that there would be, you know, irreparable physical damage.
7:50 am
>> but monique began to heal, physical therapy on a bike, taking steps with a walker, amazing progress to others, but too slow for her. >> i'm very impatient. i want it now. i'm trying hard and i want to reach my goal. >> goals are important to monique. before the devastating accident, she had been training for triathlons. she had been in three, finishing third in her age group in one and first in another. she had run in last year's rock 'n' roll half marathon and was determined to do it again. i said well, might as well. nick offered to push and i said, okay, why not? >> nick pushed her wheelchair the whole way till the end. then he pushed monique to stand up and helped her across the finish line, a huge step, but just one toward where she wants to be. >> it doesn't matter how far back you start. it's where you get to. so keep trying till you get there. >> monique's doctors say her progress is very good. she hopes to run in next year's
7:51 am
half marathon on her own. i'm sure she'll get there. >> crazy to bet against her. yahoo's decision to ban working from home after your local news. get it done. we can all throw on our work clothes... ...and throw out any doubt. because right now's the time to take those rooms from... ..."think i can do this?" to... ..."let me show you what i just did." more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. outsmart your budget with this pergo presto flooring, just $1.88 a square foot. starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
♪ there's beauty in the world ♪ [ clapping ] >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 7:56. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. crews in san francisco trying to contain damage after a big time water main break. you can see the intersection of 15th avenue and wowona in the inner park side neighborhood. about 2:30 this morning the main broke there flooding the streets out there and nearby homes. cars practically submerged in all the water and the break caused this major sink hole there. pretty sizable. the water washed out the mud under the asphalt. crews now have to fix that before they finally leave that scene. quite a mess out there. mike talking about the traffic surrounding the area. how is it looking?
7:55 am
>> so far we are good. they didn't block 19th. slow boulevard or portal. also not impacted by this. it's just local traffic. good stuff there. avoid the intersection. the south bay where you have a lot of company on the roadways. north 101. look at the map. slow from all the approach. tulley road jamming down. earlier stall. looks like it was cleared from lanes out of downtown up north toward the airport. we are looking at a smooth flow now. 87 from 85. that's the problem. jammed up toward capital. how's the weather shaping up? >> a rough ride in the traffic department. good thing we're keeping it easy in the weather department. just a few mid level clouds in san jose. mostly sunny here. we have partly to mostly cloudy conditions at the coast. that means san jose and the south bay will be the warmest. right now in the upper 30s. by noon, 62 in san jose. rounding out the day at 70 here.
7:56 am
73 for gilroy and 70 today in livermore. jon kelley, if you like the warmth, it keeps on coming through the weekend. >> i like the sunshine and the vitamin d. thank you. we'll be right back in half an hour with more. see you then.
7:57 am
7:58 am
a mess here in new york city. 8:00 on a wednesday morning, the 27th of february, 2013. it has been raining like crazy, but hope fully that will start to clear soon. look at the beautiful skies over vatican city, in italy. that's where savannah is this morning. an historic moment there this morning as pope benedict xvi held his last public audience ahead of his resignation tomorrow. i'm matt lauer, along with al roker and natalie morales. savannah again at the vatican. what's the mood like there this
7:59 am
morning? >> oh, historic is really the word. they gave out 50,000 tickets for this public audience, something that is actually normally held indoors. they moved it outside. the vatican says 150,000 people came today to see a bit of history. pope benedict, by the way, will eventually live here inside the vatican, but coming up, we'll show you castel gandolfo. he will spend two months at castel gandolfo, the pope's summer residence. rare to get an inside look. we'll take you there, coming up. >> savannah, they're renovating the pope's future residence at the vatican and doing it only in two months. where do you get the number of that contractor? not the contractor i've hired in the past. also ahead here, the raging debate over yahoo's ban over working from home and a new controversy over marissa mayer's decision. a young woman who won a lot of hits on her instructional
8:00 am
video on how to curl your hair. she's getting them for all the wrong reasons because woops, oh, dear, she burned off a big chunk of her hair. we'll be talking about her in a little bit with a little more professional help. >> apparently that section of the hair is still slowly growing back. >> we'll get to that. first, natalie, you have a check of the headlines? >> that's right. with just two days before automatic sequester budget cuts kick in, there is little hope that president obama and congressional leaders are making head way on other ways to reduce the deficit. the sequester could slow the struggling economy. dramatic gunfight caught on tape claimed the lives of two police officers in santa clairea california. detectives had gone to a home to investigate a sexual assault complaint when they came under fire. the 35-year-old suspect was eventually killed, following a brief chase and a separate gun battle. a popular new zealand beach has been closed after a rare and
8:01 am
deadly shark attack. police say a 47-year-old local man was swimming off beach when the shark, estimated to be about 14 feet long, attacked. >> he just shout out, shark! and the next moment we saw him like rolling around. there was blood everywhere on the water. >> experts say the shark was likely a great white. it was eventually scared away by police gunfire. the coast guard has called off the search for a boat that reportedly sank off the california coast with four on board. distress calls on sunday may have been a hoax. no debris was found and no one has come forward to report family members missing at sea. and now for a look at what is trending today, a quick roundup of what has you talking online. beer lovers are demanding millions of dollars in damage in a class action lawsuit against anheuser busch, that claims that they dilute the alcohol content
8:02 am
while raising profit margins. the beer maker calls the claims groundless. best supporting actress anne hathaway is apologizing to designer valentino for what some took as an oscar snub. she planned to wear the dress on sunday. he even bragged about it ahead of the awards but hathaway realized the night before that another actress was wearing a similar design, so she switched to the pail pink prada. hopefully no hard feelings. when he designed her wedding dress last year, valentino said hathaway was like a daughter to him. baby monitor app going viral on youtube. supposed to be getting some shut eye. as you can see there, he would rather amuse himself by repeatedly planting his face in a pile of blankets and pillows. hey, whatever it takes to make you fall asleep, right? 8:04 right now. you're up-to-date. >> as long as the blankets and pillows are there. otherwise that's a bad problem.
8:03 am
natalie, thank you very much. mr. roker, another check of the weather? >> let's start it off with our pick city of the day, which just happens to be not going. anyway -- there it is, birmingham, alabama. mostly sunny, cool conditions, temperatures in the mid 50s. as can you see, we've got a big low pressure system in the m midwest generating snow behind it. ahead of the system, we're looking at a lot of rain, windy conditions as well. showers down through southern florida. look for showers in the pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine, gulf coast on into texas and the they've got that mean storm system on the east coast. for us, high pressure bringing in another unseasonably warm day. we do have mid and high level clouds streaming in. overall we're still slated to hit the 70s. 67 in santa teresa, 71 in los
8:04 am
gatos. mid-60s on the way around the bay, that goes for san francisco and oakland today. we keep on climbing all the way through saturday then drop off and bring in the rain next week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks, al. >> thank you very much. will other companies follow yah yahoo's lead and ban working from home and telecommuting? we'll meet the 13-year-old who burned off a chunk of her hair while she was trying to share a beauty tip with the world. and we'll have more from savannah at the vatican, including a look inside pope benedict's next home, at least temporary home. first, these messages. you call yourself a suds-maker?
8:05 am
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8:08 am
a question in the wake of yahoo's decision to ban employees from working from home. will other companies follow suit? >> reporter: gets her kids off to school before she heads to work at home. >> i think this applies to all working families but especially for working mothers, when children come into the equation. at some point, you have to decide what you want to do. >> reporter: for years, her high-tech company has allowed her the flexibility to work from home. >> my company is telling me they trust me, they believe in me and they know at the end of the day i'm going to do my job and get the job done. >> reporter: but working from home is no longer an option for employees at yahoo! in a memo leaked last week, yahoo! announced starting in june everyone would have to work in company offices or resign, saying speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work
8:09 am
from home. >> it's estimated that more than 60% of american companies now offer some type of telecommuting or flex work plan. as you can imagine, reaction has been sharp among those worried that their companies could now make them go back to an office, too. >> companies are worried about the loss of control that occurs when employees start telecommuting. they don't know what he or she is doing. they don't get as tied to the company. many companies have problem with his telecommuting. >> reporter: many had expected yahoo! ceo and new mom marissa mayer to run things differently. last week she talked to savannah about her two roles. >> i've been a mom now for 4 1/2 months and ceo for seven months. i would say that i wouldn't have missed a minute of either experience. >> reporter: mayer made headlines when she took just two weeks maternity leave and her la latest move is drawing criticism from those who say she's out of touch with the needs of other working moms, especially since mayer reportedly built herself a nursery next to her office on the yahoo! campus.
8:10 am
yahoo! issued a statement saying, we don't discuss internal matters. this isn't a broad industry view on working from home. this is about what is right for yahoo! right now. mayer, former google exec, has implemented other changes like free food and iphone 5s for yahoo! employees, not unlike other companies in silicon valley, where retaining talent comes with a lot of perks. experts say yahoo!'s new policy stands out in an area built on technology. >> especially since we live in such a hyper connected world where people can plug in at any time and anywhere and get work done. so my initial reaction, obviously, i was a bit shocked. >> reporter: a surprise shared by many, in an american workforceful of people like melissa, who are now worried about the impact of the yahoo! decision. >> i really feel she just took us backwards. this seems awfully ant equaequa
8:11 am
especially for a ceo at the hem of a technology company. it seems backwards. >> reporter: kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. can people be just as productive when they work from home as they would be if they were working in the office? go to, weigh in on that. we'll have the results for you tomorrow morning here on the show. up next, the 13-year-old girl who learned a tough lesson, making a how to curl your hair video. an expert then shows her the right way to do it, after this. >> am i going to lose my hair? oh, it's still there.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
back now at 8:15 with a florida teen's instructional video that went very, very wrong. >> hi, guys, it's tori. i'm basically going to curl my hair. i think this makes the curls look bigger when you wrap it up. oh, my god. you're kidding me. my hair just burnt off. >> that expression, priceless. this was posted on youtube just over a week ago. already it has more than 14 million hits and, tori locklear
8:15 am
is the middle schooler in that video. she's with us, along with celebrity hairstylist ted gi gibson. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tori, that had disaster written all over it. you did that in october. the section here is still growing back, wow! >> yeah. >> that had to be painful for you when you saw that piece of hair on the curling iron. >> it was. >> tell me what you thought when you saw that, your reaction. >> when i saw that, i was in shock. it didn't seem real at first. then i realized, it actually came off. >> did you smell any burning or get any sense that something was going on? >> no. >> you posted that in october, as i mentioned. already 14 million hits. you posted it, rather, last week. this happened in october. why did you wait so long to post it? >> all right. i had bad grades at the time. i got my laptop taken away. when i got it back, i was going through my pictures and videos and i saw that and was laughing
8:16 am
hysterically. i posted it online and also on facebook. and i wasn't supposed to have one. >> facebook? >> yeah. it went around and i got grounded. >> you're grounded now but you're here in new york. ted gibson is helping you out this morning. this is something you've seen professionally. >> absolutely. >> what happened? >> the girls don't necessarily know that the hair has to be 100% dry. use a hairspray in it, just a light control hairspray, spray it on then use an iron. what's great about irons, sometimes they have a dial on them. make sure that you always, always check the dial. >> did you check the dial? >> if it's too hot -- >> there wasn't. >> there wasn't a dial? just hot and on. >> she confessed to me that she had a leave-in conditioner. it's going to be too heavy, it's going to be wet. it's not going to be dry. the hair has to be 100% dry before you put any flat iron or curling iron in the hair always.
8:17 am
>> let's see how to do it the right way. >> you want to take a one-inch section. >> in her instructional video she said to hold it there for 20 seco seconds or longer. >> way too long! that is way too long. five to seven seconds is enough. all you want to do is give it some texture, give it some wave. take the iron. you wrap the hair around the iron. you leave the ends out for three to five seconds. that's all you need and all you'll get is a little bit of wave, little bit of texture. what makes it modern is that the ends are a little straighter than they are a full curl on the end. >> people who use these appliances every day, is that generally not advisable? >> that is not advisable. you should take a break from the he heat. it's like heat therapy. you want to take a break from the heat and not necessarily always use an iron on it every single day. >> tori, is there some good that's come out of all of this? you were on "ellen" yesterday,
8:18 am
on the "today" show today. so what have you learned about all of this? >> it's good because i got to experience all this. >> exactly. and you got to hang out here with kathie lee, by the way. sorry for busting in on your turf, lady. >> no problem. >> she's not getting her attention here. don't worry. we'll give it to her. tori, thank you so much. tori locklear. let's make a turn now and go back to the vatican with savannah. >> natalie, thank you. pope benedict is in his final hours as leader of the catholic church. when he officially resigns tomorrow he will take a helicopter from here to the pope's summer residence, castel gandolfo where he will begin his new life as the first retired pontiff in centuries. in the sleepy town of castel gandolfo, perched upon a scenic lake, the pope's summer
8:19 am
residence. it's larger than the entire vatican itself. >> of course, it has a local population and they love the pope and, in fact, as it turns out, they're going to be the last people to see him before he resigns. he is going to greet them from his window at his villa. >> for 400 years, popes have used this spot as a quiet sanctuary and the occasional state visit. until recently, the area also provided a unique intersection between science and religion, nearly a dozen astronomers once use this had papal observatory to study the skies. his swiss guards, normally charged with protecting the pope, will officially be replaced by regular vatican police. benedict will stay here for about two months until renovations are complete on his future permanent home, just a few hundred yards from the papal palace. latin for mother of the church, it was once a vatican convent.
8:20 am
>> he will be with the same people he was living with before in terms of security and privacy. he will have and be able to walk in the gardens, which is another thing that he did and has done up until now. >> renovations to the convent began last fall before the world knew why, mostly to make space for benedict's large, personal library. the talented musician will also move his beloved piano to his new home but everything else, from the furniture to the art, will be passed on to his successor, as it has been for centuries. another custom associated with every change in church leadership, benedict's papal gold ring, known as the fisherman's ring and the pontifical seal given to every pope will be destroyed once he abdicates. what about the personal struggle since they will share the same personal secretary? >> retire to him really remains
8:21 am
retire. if he wanted to hold on to power he would have remained as pope. nothing he loves more than prayer, reading, study and i think that's exactly what he's going to do. >> how will the retired pope pay for things? according to reports, he does qualify for a small pension, but the vatican is expected to pay for most of his expenses, guys. >> let's talk a little bit, if we can kind of fast forward till tomorrow, savannah. a lot of events on his last day as the pope. what are we expecting schedulewise? >> it will be a day of circumstance, pomp and circumstance, a lot of sar moce. he will have a private audience with the cardinals, who now have all come here to say their good-byes and ultimately hold a conclave to elect the next pope. he will talk to them, greet them individually, it is expected. and then he will walk out into the courtyard, be sent off and take a helicopter to castel
8:22 am
gandolfo which, of course, we've just been talking about. this is a pope ready to retire to the private life. he has spent his life as a scholar, theologian, professor, somebody who feels more at home with his library books more than he ever really did with the public eye. he talked about that this morning with his public audience. at 8:00 local time he officially become becomes pope emeritus. coming up next from here, donald and ivanka trump live after your local news.
8:23 am
8:24 am
you're watching "today in the bay". >> good morning. it is 8:26. i'm marla tellez. las vegas police va new person of interest in that deadly shooting and crash on the strip last week. officers want to talk to this girl, 22-year-old tanisha howard. they say she was in the black suv with suspect harris when shots were fired at oakland rapper kenny cherry. the maserati ran into a taxi that exploded. harris may not even be in the
8:25 am
country any more. the las vegas review journal reports he posted on twitter he was leaving for paris the night of the shooting. there is quite northbound 880 coming past the coliseum, around the high street high-rise and we mark an earlier crash that should have cleared at 29th. but the arrows pointing north 880 and west 580. also slow west 80 coming off the richmond bridge. a crash has just about cleared from the roadway. the southbound routes jamming up. look at that. >> a whole lot of red. we'll be back in 30 minutes.
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:28 am
we're back now 8:30 on a wednesday morning, the 27th day of february, 2013. it is a blustery day here in midtown manhattan. lots of rain falling over the last several hours. the good news, silver lining to all these clouds, al says they will clear by some time in the next several hours, which is something to look forward to.
8:29 am
inside the studio, i'm matt lauer, along with al roker and natalie morales. savannah joined us from the vatican this morning. we'll see more of her tomorrow morning. coming up in this next half hour, get ready for some real fireworks in the board room. "celebrity a pre "celebrity apprentice" is back. gary bussey is all you need to say. donald and ivanka trump are here in studio to give us a preview. >> it will be explosive, i'm sure. giada de laurentiis is in our kitchen. when is it okay to block -- we'll answer your questions when it comes to digital etiquette. let's say hi to dule hill back for a seventh season on the network's longest-running show
8:30 am
"psych." you've been picked up for an eighth season. that takes all the pressure off. >> it does. >> why do you think this show has resonated with viewers so much? it's the longest running show on usa. >> right now, yeah, unless white collar comes -- we don't take ourselves too seriously, grown men acting a fool. and who can't relate to that? childhood dreams and all that. >> i understand season seven there's a musical episode. >> there is. >> you didn't do much rehearsal, i hear. >> no, no, frank, jack of all trades, wrote the episode, directed the episode, wrote the lyrics. >> he catered it. >> he catered it. we didn't have much time for rehearsal at all because basic cable. two weeks of film, two hours. we learned the number, shot it. >> wow! >> recorded all the songs. >> broadway is next.
8:31 am
>> psych the musical. >> you're finally getting a love interest. >> finally. >> what took so long? >> that's what i'm saying. >> give a brother a break. >> she does an arc on the show this year. >> nice show. >> good thing come to those who wait. and then -- >> lucky you. >> a playa. >> little spin-off. >> i'm just worried about sean. is sean okay with all this? >> he has his own thing going on with juliette but he will be in there once in a while. >> taking care of you. >> premiere of "psych" tonight on usa. here in the northeast, lot of wet weather, snow north in
8:32 am
new england. sunny skies for the lower half of the country, looking pretty good. as we move on to tomorrow, mild conditions. rain ends in southern florida. look for more 8:33 on a wednesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. high wispy clouds in san jose. a warm day, it will feel like spring today. right around 73 gilroy, 65 degrees for san francisco. we keep those temperatures climbing as we head throughout saturday. we'll peak at about 75 degrees. then the rain and the cold winter returning as we head through next week. hope you have a fantastic wednesday. our cameraman, jim corrigan, wants me to be outside. you look good out there. you look good. fantastic. g to keep track of the weather go to weather channel or
8:33 am now let's check in with uncle willie. >> how sweet it is. these are just some of the people i owe money to down here in florida. anyway, happy birthday, elizabeth hughes. what a beautiful lady. she is from kankakee, illinois. absolutely gorgeous at 100. she loves to do fleur de lis an art all in itself. and hello, ruby -- don't take your love to town -- ruby jones, 105 years old today from merriam, kansas. she never smoke and never drank. that's living the good life. we wish james fox a happy birthday, evansville, indiana. 100 years old today. he is something else. loves mariachi bands. i do, too. dance and everything. alice shepardson. always loved that name.
8:34 am
in the great state of maine, 100 years old, plus two. 102. can you believe that? and she loves to laugh and eat ice cream but not at the same time. very messy. very messy. boyd york from tyner, kentucky, 100 years old today. and he is something else. absolutely no medication until he was 91. francis wirick from the great state of florida, not too far away from here. 102 years old today. she taught all her life and she loved teaching. frances klein is from deerfield, florida. deerfield beach. 100 years old today. loves to watch all those variety shows on tv. okay, gang. what do you do now? >> back to you, new york.
8:35 am
>> i love ya, willard. thank you. up next, donald and ivanka trump. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we're back now 8:38. "celebrity apprentice" about to kick off its 13th season here on nbc and for lucky number 13, donald trump is bringing back an all-star group from season's past. this is going to be a crazy ride. it really is. bret michaels, claudia jordan, lil' john, lisa rinna, trace adkins, omarosa is back. what are you expecting here? >> it's wild. we shot some of it. a lot of is going to be live. we shot some of t it's amazing. it's probably as tough and mean and nasty as we've had so far.
8:38 am
>> do these guys get the game more now because they've all been through the mill? and how does that change how they play it? >> we pick the best people and the people that everybody wanted to see, gary or dennis rodman. we have amazing people. it was terrific. by the way, it's much different. he's much better. although there is an explosion somewhere along the line. >> something explodes? >> a lot of people are not getting along with omarosa. she's brutal. >> does gary bussey scare you a little bit, ivanka? >> he fascinates me. he views the world through a different prism, which is just incredibly interesting. >> he has been on the show a bunch of times, mostly with you, by the way. >> that's right. >> i watch him like a had hawk. >> he is highly intense, too. he is very kind but he is also -- he speaks very close to you and he is very passionate about everything. >> other than in the board room, ivanka, how much contact do you have with these contestants and when you see them, do they suck
8:39 am
up to you a bit knowing you've got your dad's ear? >> it's interesting. over the years i've become quite close with a lot of different people that have been on the show and it's great to maintain the relationship and get a sense of them when they're not in the game versus when they are. some of their personalities are exactly the same and others are much softer in real life. so, it's interesting to see that and their personalities. >> i was reading about the current season. one thing that struck me, if i remember in the past you would separate the teams early into guys versus women and not doing that this year. >> we're doing it a bit differently. the thing that works best is men against women. perhaps not politically correct but since when do i care about that? >> you're starting off with team captain. >> we are and we're letting the team captain pick who they want. they've also known each other because they've competed against each other. they've raised millions and millions of dollars for celebrity charities.
8:40 am
one night, as an example, first night, raised over a million dollars for charity. >> which is an aspect that doesn't get talked about enough. it seems to be cutthroat competition but it does a lot of good. bret michaels, when you look at the list of the people i ticked off a second ago, he is the only one who won his season of "celebrity apprentice." is he the odds on favorite to repeat? >> i won't say that. i will tell you he is a very talented guy. he made a terrible mistake because joan rivers, piers morgan, john rich, arsenio will all be judges. >> so what mistake did he make? >> he shouldn't have done it. it's like a champion. you're a champion. >> does he go out on top? >> you know about the fighter. i said, i can't believe you're doing this. you could have sat as a judge on certain evenings and had a good time. he said no, no. he did it, because he really wanted to raise -- he won but raised millions for the charity. he wanted to do it again. i think he made a mistake. it's like a heavyweight champion
8:41 am
that gets knocked out coming back. i don't think he did the right thing. >> if your dad weren't the one doing the hiring or the firing, how would he do in this competition? >> phenomenal. >> do you really think so? >> yeah. i see it every day. >> i don't think so. >> i do. you're a great strategist. what's interesting about it, there are so many different skills you have to bring to the table. and why some people really sell is they're versatile. they're able to apply different skills to different problems and other people are very good at one specific thing and dad has proven through his career to be great at many. >> me, savannah, al and natalie, who would win? >> i'm not doing that. i refuse to comment. i'm going to get in such trouble. i won't do it. natalie might. >> we're hosting a "dateline" show. you have to ask natalie, it's airing before the apprentice. the show is about lottery winners. some of them lost all their money. some kept money and made money. >> only you could get two plugs
8:42 am
in for one. >> i'm actually plugging natalie, because she was terrific. >> good to have you here. you can catch the season premiere sunday night 9:00, 8:00 central time here on nbc. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
back now at 8:46 with two young men from chicago enjoying enormous success in a surprising field. nbc's ron mott is here with their story. good morning. >> it's a really lovely story, natalie. it's about the magill brothers, young african-american men who play clarinet and flute from major classical orchestras here in the u.s. they have highly coveted lead roles in the world where maybe 4% of the musicians are african-american or latino. a brother act unique in the
8:45 am
rarefied world of classical music. anthony, who is 33, plays clarinet for the renowned new york metropolitan opera. while demare, four years older, plays lead flute for the seattle symphony orchestra. what is it about your brother's music that make it is special? >> anthony's musical voice is very, very clear. his personality shines. it is magnified through his clarinet. >> my brother is pretty scary growing up when he talked about music and i respected everything he said. i would hear him practicing hours and hours. he was practicing more hours than i think would be considered normal. >> they grew up in a working class household on the edge of chicago's more troubled neighborhoods. parents ira, a retired teacher,
8:46 am
and demare sr., a former firefighter mortgaged the house five times to pay for music lessons. >> classical music, music without words as some people in my family would say, i would use it to lull them to sleep. >> they believe their boys' careers began the moment demare, just 7 at the time, found an old flute in a closet, a flute they're keeping forever. >> that's a foul right there. >> reporter: their music really took off at a place where the magills now get rock star treatment, nonprofit that offers free lessons to disadvantage kids after school for nearly 30 years. they say they only felt different when they competed at other music schools. >> in that context, there was no one that looked like me and i got a kick out of that. especially if i won.
8:47 am
>> reporter: they won a lot and earned scholarships and a chance to perform as teenagers in a very special neighborhood. >> my television neighbor, demare and anthony magill. >> renowned cellist yoyo ma asked demare to perform with him at the president's first inaugural. >> better grades. >> oh, there you go. >> now whenever they're in chicago, they try to pass along what they've learned to the next generation. you may not know it, but the world of classical music is quite competitive. hundreds of musicians auditioning for those lead roles and the magill brothers now have. most of those positions have tenure so the magills could be in those prominent orchestra seats for life. >> they are ground breakers for sure. ron allen, thank you so much. giada is cooking up her
8:48 am
favorite fish dish
8:49 am
>> announcer: cooking with giada is brought to you by target. giada's exclusive line is only at target and back now 8:51. cooking with giada today, our contribut
8:50 am
contributor is here. let's start with the basics. you're in the supermarket, shopping for fish fillets or whole fish. what are you looking for? >> when you're buying fish, first of all, make sure it doesn't have any discoloration and that it's nice and moist, especially in the corners. when fish has been sitti for too long that's where you start to see. >> do you touch the fish? looking for firmness? >> you can touch it, it should bounce back a little bit. the meat of the fish should all be together. it shouldn't start to separate. >> when it comes to whole fish? >> it's a different story but the scales should all be very tight to the skin and the eyes should be nice and bright as you see that one is. you want to make sure, give it a nice smell if you can. >> if it's a little off -- >> if it's a little off, get away from it. >> forget about it? >> exactly. >> this is incredibly easy? >> very, very easy. if you like sole, and i think you do. >> i love sole. >> my daughter love it is because it doesn't have a fishy -- >> even people who aren't sure
8:51 am
if they like fish love sole. >> put this down. you're going to try to learn something today. salt and pepper everything. pepper, little olive oil. we're going to stick this in the broiler. it cooks in five minutes. >> there's olive oil on it already. a little more? >> never hurt anyone. give it a nice tan. put it in the broiler for five minutes. the fish starts to -- the meat starts to flake and it's ready. it ends up looking like that. we'll make a really easy sauce. greek yogurt. >> whisk? >> sure. agave. >> molasses is a little too smoky -- go ahead. >> mustard? >> little dijon. lemon juice and chives for color and a little onion flavor. mix it all together. and you see with the agave, you could use honey. it's a more floury flavor that overpowers the fish. >> you're not going to cook it in this? this is the sauce. >> no. it goes on top. mix it really well because you
8:52 am
want it to emulsify and get thick like a dressing. you got muscle there. >> muscles, plural. >> you're only using one muscle in that arm. pour over the fish. that's it. >> perfect. if you're not a sole fan you'll move on to salmon. >> that sauce works over any kind of fish or chicken. if you are a salmon fan, this is really good. cut the salmon. again, salt and pepper and olive oil. >> are you looking for farm raised or wild salmon? what do you like? >> obviously, i like wild. >> right. >> it depends on what you can find in the grocery store. i wouldn't eat a ton of farm raised if i were anybody. once in a while, no big deal. not all the time. if you can avoid it, even better. >> great. >> now make a little topping. you're thinking you're done, you're not. parsley, chives, lemon zest. matt does not like to use his hands. >> i don't know if i washed my hands before the segment. that's why i didn't do that.
8:53 am
>> sprinkle it? >> go ahead. >> more than sprinkle really, we're supposed to pat it down but since you don't want to use your hands. >> almost a rub you've made? >> exactly. see how pretty that looks? >> yes. >> 375. >> for how long? >> ten minutes. sometimes less, depending on the thickness of the salmon? >> you wouldn't broil it? >> no, this we're baking. baked salmon, broiled sole. now we make a topping. >> hi, guys. >> we're here to eat. >> something nice and light. chopped arugala. go ahead. he keeps thinking i'm not going to make him work. capers. >> lemon juice again? >> lemon juice. >> what spices are here? >> red pepper and a little lemon zest. we're going to do olive oil and salt. >> sorry, sorry, sorry. go ahead. natalie, do the olive oil there team work, guys. >> mediterranean diet. >> it is, it is. and the great thing about these sauces is that they come together really fast and you can use them all -- there we go. you can use them on anything. this can be over steak, chicken,
8:54 am
any kind of fish. i hear from a lot of people nobody likes the skin on the salmon. >> i love the skin. >> some people do. the problem is that it's hard to get crispy. so you can always have the person -- your fish person anywhere take it off for you if you prefer. >> like a chimichurra this one. >> exactly but with arugula. >> these look great. >> done. >> delicious. >> great steals and deals after your local news and weather. good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm marla tellez. let's check that gorgeous forecast. >> one of those days we need to get outdoors because temperatures will be in the 70s.
8:55 am
warmest cities will be down in the south bay, but the east bay will be nice and warm today. this is sunol. you can see the hills are green. looks like they'll have a chance to stay green with more rain on the way. before we hit that rain we'll see a nice warm. you. 39 livermore, 34 san jose. upper 60s by noon. then round tout day in low 70s and upper 6. as of noon, you can peel off your first layer. we keep climbing into the weekend. there's that rain on tuesday. you can't move the tv there.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, february 27th, 2013. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning. it is a soggy day here in new york city. luckily we're inside studio 1-a. i'm willie geist here along with roker and natalie morales. how long is the rain going to go? >> it's just about through here. >> at least it's warmer. >> let's get right to today's take three. have you heard about hatha-haters? if you go online you pick up on this.
8:59 am
anne hathaway apparently very aware of her critics. hatha-haters are these sort of snarky people who view her as, i guess, not self-deprecating enough, a little too self-serious perhaps. it kind of springs a lot of it from her, quote, surprise at the golden globes. inspired tweets, almost 20,000 a minute. i don't quite get why people hatha-hate. i guess it gets to false humility is what i kept hearing. oh, my gosh, i can't believe i won this award. not the first actress to ever do that, by the way. i'm going to use this as a weapon against self-doubt as she looked at her golden globe. so i don't quite get it but it's out there. she's online. you can see it. >> it is so sad, the number of haters, period, out there. that's it. and it's sad that, you know, in a moment of her glory, she's a phenomenally talented actress.
9:00 am
i guess had she maybe tripped as jennifer lawrence did, maybe that would have humanized her a little more. i don't know what people are expecting. >> well, we bring this up again because she finally came out this week and said, yeah, i hear all this stuff and it bugs me. >> how could it not? >> you have to stay positive. there was a new york magazine piece written where a woman asked a bunch of other women why don't we like anne hathaway. here's some of the responses. she says a theater kid with good intentions but secretly she annoys you. you want to be excited for her but deep down you're rolling your eyes. someone else said i think someone told her she was america's sweetheart and she believed it. >> oh, boy. >> i don't know. >> that's ridiculous. >> we love her. i love her. >> yeah. >> great actress, well deserved oscar. >> she works very hard at what she does. so, you know, i give her all the credit. >> we're the hatha-lovers. >> exactly. we'll come down on that side. keeping it with famous actresses, take two, have you seen this ad?
9:01 am
audrey hepburn has been resurrected for this ad. the latest from u.k. chocolate brand galaxy. this footage is taken from the film "roman holiday." it went ahead after her sons, her estate essentially agreed to the use of her image. she's been used before in a gap ad, remember that one? >> i remember that. >> we've seen fred astaire in a dirt devil vacuum ad back in the '90s. >> there was a pepsi ad with elton john and all the icons in there. >> you get some people online and social media are saying it's ridiculous that her image is being brought back and used in this way to sell chocolate bars. but i mean it is a beautifully done ad. >> i don't think it's unflattering in any way. >> beautiful. >> and the deal is her estate owns the rights to it so she doesn't have a say anymore. her sons did it. i'm not sure fred astaire dancing with the vacuum cleaner is the best use of his image. >> although seeing him dance with a vacuum cleaner -- any time you can see him dance, it's pretty fabulous.
9:02 am
take three, titanic two. you were talking about this. more than 101 years, one tycoon is planning on building a modern replica of the titanic. a billionaire from australia he is, already begun construction on the titanic two. his name is clive palmer. he'll say 100 years later we'll sail the exact same route and take up the torch and sail it to new york to complete the journey that that ship never finished. he's funding this project entirely himself. he's ready to set sail in 2016. he points out there will be enough life boats. >> and life jackets. >> if you get a do-over on the titanic, you put more life boats. >> i don't think there are any icebergs left either. >> that's true, with global warming. but they'll have the technology to get you through that. >> 40,000 applications? >> and some people are paying a million bucks to sit in first class on this ship. he's putting the costumes together. he wants to have big dancing jig parties and do the whole thing.
9:03 am
>> he's going to keep steerage? i don't know if i would actually keep that. >> that's the part you want to use the progress to get away from. >> would you go? >> sure. not for a million bucks but maybe he'll ask us to come along. >> oh, boy, that buffet is going to be fantastic. 100-year-old buffet. >> today's travel segment here. i think it's great. >> i don't know if you tempt fate and get on the titanic again. let them do that. work out the kinks on that one. natalie, how about a check of the other top stories. today at the vatican, a final public farewell for pope benedict one day before he officially steps down. more than 100,000 people packed st. peter's square for his last weekly audience. many of the cardinals who will choose his successor were at the vatican today. he said he decided to resign after much prayer and asked people to pray for him and his successor. pope benedict is the first pope to step down in 600 years. today parts of new england are expected to get up to a foot of snow. this as people in the midwest
9:04 am
are digging out from a big winter storm that has left about 100,000 homes and businesses without power. at least three deaths are being blamed on the storm. parts of the midwest are getting even more snow there today. today air traffic controllers are warning that sequester budget cuts due to begin on friday could force runways to close at some of the nation's busiest airports. there is no sign the white house and congressional republicans are close to a deal to head off those automatic spending cuts. today chuck hagel is taking over at the pentagon after the senate voted 58-41 tuesday to confirm him as defense secretary. he was sworn in this morning. among his big challenges, those looming defense department budget cuts and troop levels in afghanistan. last night in south africa, a private memorial service for model reeva steenkamp. the service planned by olympic runner oscar pistorius who says he shot her by accident on valentine's day. pistorius is charged with premeditated murder. a new honor today for the
9:05 am
late civil rights pioneer rosa parks. the unveiling of a statue of her on capitol hill with president obama and congressional leaders taking part. known as the mother of the civil rights movement, rosa parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a montgomery, alabama, city bus back in 1955. this month marks what would have been her 100th birthday. and nicolas cage was the big winner on a recent high school game show in boston when the host chatted with contestants about movies they like. one team was four for four for nicolas cage films. >> what's your favorite film and why? >> i've got to say my favorite movie is probably "con air." i think just the way that john maltoday vich brings out the best in nicolas cage. it's such a fun movie. >> my favorite movie is "face off" with nicolas cage. it's pretty much nichololas cag he's really in his element and switches faces. >> "the national treasure"
9:06 am
franchise, both movies. nicholaolas cage in his element >> my favorite movie is probably "raising arizona" starring nicolas cage. >> that was my favorite as well, "raising arizona." the brookline high school quiz team really loves nicolas cage and all his movies. >> i can go there with him on "raising arizona." >> "face off." okay, plan b, let's just kill each other. >> "face off" was good. al, how about a check of the weather. >> actually i'm wearing willie's face right now. let's show you what we've got for you for today. here's that storm system natalie was talking about. secondary low forming along the coast. it's bringing rain in the northeast, snow inland sections of new england and snow back through the midwest. we've got winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings from missouri all the way to new england. snowfall amounts generally 1 to 6 inches but upstate new york and interior new england could see up to 9 to 12 inches of snow. rainfall amounts of up to an
9:07 am
inch or so in southern ohio and coastal northeast. good morning to you. temperatures have jumped by about ten degrees over the past couple of hours. now we're close to 50 just about everywhere. 52 in oakland. temperatures will be comfortable for outdoor lunch plans. you can even hit the beach. rounding out tt day at around 65 degrees. really comfortable weather even athe beach. 70 in livermore. and our good looking warming trend, oh, it's going to stay with you all the way through saturday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> before we go here, we have a bonus take. >> okay. >> this is called powerful yogurt. it's marketed toward men. >> really? >> a manly yogurt. >> what makes it manly? >> high protein. >> oh, yeah. >> no fat. and this is their quote -- >> jerky flavored. >> all beast snack. >> does this mean women cannot taste it or try it? >> see what you think. >> i'm not self conscious about
9:08 am
eating regular yogurt. >> it's greek yogurt. what's the difference between the powerful yogurt for men versus regular greek yogurt? >> this is beast. >> bring out your inner beast. >> marketing ploy but it's delicious. it does have more protein, i think, than regular greek yogurt. >> really? >> yeah, 20 grams. that's good. >> yogurt niche is typically dominated by women apparently. >> i wish i invested in greek yogurt years ago. you go down that aisle now, it's greek yogurt everywhere. >> jamie lee curtis were activia, this one would be the rock. hey, guys, you got problems with your digestion? eat this! it's all beast. >> doesn't it claim to boost your testosterone, too? >> i don't know. >> i read that. >> it's working for al. >> i think so. >> already. all beast yogurt. coming up next, steals and deals with miss jill martin after this.
9:09 am
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9:12 am
time for another edition of our very popular jill's steals and deals, everything from sweaters, to jewelry and wallets, exclusively for you,
9:13 am
our "today" show viewers. jill martin is our "today" contributor and contributing editor for people style watch. good morning. >> good morning. >> these great sweaters we see here by suburban riot. >> retail $98. we could use them today in new york in this rainy weather. you can wrap it all different ways. sort of have to play with it. small to extra large, available in four colors. celeb fans include anne hathaway. i loved her dress, by the way, mila kunis. the deal $24. that's 76% off. and soft. >> i love them. really soft. next, wallets from kenneth cole. not your regular wallets. like a little purse or -- >> has a function. retail $48 to $55. these are the best-selling clutches and wallets. go online. everyone does a little something different. this one is sort of a wallet but it fits my phone, i wanted to show right here. >> there it is. >> ringing, of course.
9:14 am
and then in here is actually great for teens. you could put your iphone in it. then there's a flap to put your ear phones. it comes out. as you're carrying it, you can listen to music. retail is $48 to $55 sold at lord & taylor, macy's, dillards. the deal $14. up to 75% off. >> lots of colors to choose from. >> yeah. >> over here, these are fantastic. semi precious candles. they have the candle on the top and the semi precious stones on the bottom. >> i love this. >> they smell amazing. >> comes in this great box. really giftable. retail $58. gemology offering one of their best selling candles made of soy wax, poured over authentic semi precious stones. >> burns clean as well. >> right. healing, vision, serenity. 50 hours of burn time.
9:15 am
the retail $58. the deal $13.50. that's 77% off. >> like a bed of roses. you definitely like -- you want to smell them all. they're great. okay. now, this is a huge one. jewelry by ella poe. they're offering different necklaces with inspirational messages. you're wearing balance. we all need more balance in our life. >> i could use a little. maybe the necklace will help. >> we all can. >> the retail $240. each says something different if you look real close. grace, balance, strength and love. gold vermeil pendant with a chain and it has a little diamond there, too. you can pick your message. also if you want to stock up on these this is a great gift to give. >> they are. >> retail is $240. the deal is $49. that's 80% off. the chain is adjustable. would fit every neck. >> the stone is real. is it gold plated ? >> gold vermeil. >> very nice. over here, because bedding and towels and all that always do well for us. this is bedding from natural comfort. very soft.
9:16 am
>> dave our stage manager said, ooh, these are really soft. we have proof here. retail $170 to $250. there are two styles. queen or king. three-piece microfiber quilt set comes with an extra soft quilted comforter with two matching shams in five colors. that's this situation over here. then moving on over here, which we're showing right now, the reversible comforter set, light on one side, darker on the other. >> winter or summer, you could flop it. >> great for seasons. two matching shams as well, available in five colors also, carried on high-end cruise lines, retail $170 to $250. the deal $45 to $55 for any of the sets. >> come in here and just -- how soft is that? >> very, very soft. >> this is our racy steals and deals here. >> okay. all right. taking off the jacket.
9:17 am
dave, thanks so much. >> jill martin, just to review, here are the products once again. we have the sweaters from suburban riot, the wallets from kenneth cole, the candles from semi precious, the necklace from ella poe and finally the very soft, soft, soft bedding from natural comfort, according to dave auerback. just go to steals and deals if you have any questions about these products. social etiquette with randi zuckerberg. we could all use a lesson or two, after these messages. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
9:18 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
personal story for heart month, challenging you to get healthy for 28 days. i think she'll keep going. >> yeah. fit for life. >> right. plus if you need an easy idea for dinner tonight, a spiced-up roast chicken using lemon curd and black pepper. >> sounds good. and mark zuckerberg's sister, randi, will be here to give us a lesson in social etiquette ket. your local news and weather are next. but first "today" looks back.. your local news and weather are next. but first "today" looks back. >> liberated. iraq's army is defeated. our military objectives are met. of your skin. now watch what soap does to it. ♪ if soap breaks down this paper, just imagine what it's doing to your skin. soap strips your skin.
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9:24 am
you're watching "today in the bay". >> it is 9:26. good morning. i'm marla tellez. this morning we are learning more about the suspect accused of killing two santa cruz police officers during a shoot-out. 35-year-old jeremy goulet also died during the shoot-out. the santa cruz police chief says the shoot-out happened as the officers tried to arrest him yesterday. he has had several run-ins with the law in 2008 in portland. he was reportedly found guilty of peeping at a woman as she showered. he was also convicted of
9:25 am
carrying a gun without a permit. then just last friday the santa cruz sentinel says that he was arrested by police for disorderly conduct. the paper also says he was fired from a local coffee shop after allegedly breaking into a female co-worker's home. a memorial is growing outside the santa cruz police department today to honor the fallen officers. sergeant loren baker and detective elizabeth butler, a mother of two.
9:26 am
welcome back. the time is 9:28. high pollen levels but our air quality is good. temperatures still feeling like spring a couple weeks early. 70s in livermore, 67 fremont, 66 on the way to redwood city. we keep climbing. as we head through the end of the week, i think we'll peak on saturday at 75 inland. 65 degrees at the coast.
9:27 am
sunday the clouds increase. a storm system on the way. that will change our weather pattern dramatically. the rain returns, the cold air. enjoy the warm-up while it lasts. let's check your drive. >> 880 for oakland traffic, typically between 8:30 and 9:30 the worst slow of traffic. southbound side really nice here. northbound we just have those stragglers for the end of the morning commute, but we have a couple of crashes approaching the coliseum north 880 right around davis and another crash there both moved to the shoulder. 238 the interchange with 880 and north 238 we had a couple incidents that are clearing. back to you. >> mike, thanks so much. we'll be back in 30 minutes with our next update.
9:28 am
here is a funny moment, courtesy of the local cbs affiliate in salt lake city. they had a reporter covering comments made by senator todd weller, which resulted in this very romantic edition of "behind the news." >> i think we have a few warts and pimples that need to be popped and i think this is one of them. >> not exactly the metaphor you may have been looking for. auditors last year found the state -- hello. nice to see you. auditors last year found the state -- >> he rolled with it pretty well. >> he did. >> never missed a beat.
9:29 am
>> what's the craziest thing that's happened between a live feed with you guys? >> i kissed al a couple of weeks ago. >> that just happened. i had a guy actually -- >> drop. >> -- moon everybody. it was a tragic story, too. >> did you know it was happening? >> no, thank goodness. they went to the tape the minute they saw he was doing it, taking the pants down. that's pretty crazy. >> unfortunate. i'm willie geist along with al and natalie. >> that happened with you and joe scarborough, didn't it? >> yes, during a discussion of the sequester actually. very strange. coming up this half hour, a lesson in social media etiquette and selfies. >> selfies? >> you take a picture of yourself. this is a group one. we'll ask our expert randi zuckerberg how we did. when do you take a selfy, how do you take a selfy? so much to learn.
9:30 am
star jones sharing her personal struggle, the challenge she committed herself to for the entire month. a really easy recipe for dinner tonight. we're spicing up your roasted chicken. it's delicious. mr. roker, you have a check of the weather. for today, starting off, a lot of wet weather in the east. looking at snow in new england and the great lakes. rain in the pacific northwest. sunny skies through the gulf coast. showers down in central and southern florida. for tomorrow, we're looking at cold weather coming in. that cold, arctic air down from canada. lake-effect snow showers, mild from florida, texas, gulf coast on into the southwest. more leftover snow in northern new england. that's what's going 9:32 on a wednesday morning. beautiful live picture here over san jose. we've got a gorgeous day shaping up. temperatures are going to be comfortable. we keep that climb going tall way through the end of the week and the first part of the weekend. temperatures are going to tumble on sunday. we've got a storm system on the
9:31 am
way. that's going to bring rain back into the forecast and a return of winter weather next week. enjoy this warm-up while it lasts. hope you have a fantastic wednesday. this morning in "today's" health, taking care of your heart. star jones knows she's lucky to be alive after being diagnosed with heart disease. she is here to share her personal battle. good to see you. >> good morning, al. heart disease is the number one killer of americans, number one killer of african-americans and the number one killer of women. it takes one in three lives every single year and it nearly took mine. i'm a survivor. and now i volunteer with the americ american heart association. i challenge myself to be heart healthy every day for february, national heart health month. i was struggling with my weight since i was 18 years old. fitness wasn't important to me. nutrition wasn't important to
9:32 am
me. food was my vice and my comfort. as i got older, my weight ballooned up and up. >> what was full figured and fabulous turned into obese and sloppy. my life was at risk and i knew something had to be done. in 2003, i took control and underwent gastric bypass surgery. i went from 307 pounds to, at the lowest, 142 pounds. and i've kept 150 pounds off. and it will be ten years in august. but weight management was not my only health battle. i started getting these really intense heart palpitations. like somebody was punching me in the chest. >> in 2010 at age 47, i was shocked to learn that i had heart disease. >> i was completely blown away. i need to have open heart surgery. and i mean the real kind where they crack your chest and take your heart out of your body. my aortic valve was repaired.
9:33 am
i'm a survivor and heart health is now something i take very seriously. for heart health month 2013, i decided to step it up to a heart healthy lifestyle. i set the bar high and started with the medically supervised benefit detox. i make my protein shake every morning. now that is a good breakfast. my doctor encouraged me to carefully rearrange my refrigerator so i make the right choices. the first two shelves are things that i can have all the time. no more supersized burgers. i'm learning to love those leafy greens. one of the things that i absolutely love is kale. don't forget the protein. fish with a good kind of fat. this is a perfectly good piece of salmon. exercise is key to the heart. and i'm getting it every single day this month. it's time to start to work out here at equinox. their motto is it's not fitness, it's life. for me, it's a matter of life
9:34 am
and death. my trainer, geo, motivates me and gets every muscle moving. i also mix it up with pilates. stretching in ways i never knew i could. i get a special in this room that looks like -- no dairy, no fried food and no alcohol this month. outside and in, it's a whole new me. right now, i am in the very best health that i've been in, in my entire life. and i feel better than ever. i have moved from healthy to heart healthy. every moment that i can shout go red for women for heart health is a moment that saves a life. my advice to other women is to get active and to get your diet in shape. nutrition with fitness is the only thing that's going to work in the long haul. >> you've been using one of those -- >> that allows me to monitor how many steps i took, how many
9:35 am
miles i walk every single day. >> i wear the jawbone up. you start playing games, trying to figure out how to up your numbers. >> we'll have to do a little competition. >> all right, star, thanks. a little lesson in etiquette from randi zuckerberg, after these messages. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. to help support a healthy metabolism try new great grains protein blend in cinnamon hazelnut or honey, oats and seeds. gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% more flash.
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9:39 am
social media quandaries, randi zuckerbe zuckerberg, great to see you again. welcome back. >> thank you. great to see you. you posted a pretty good picture. you nailed the selfy, i think. >> we'll show that in a second. it was my first selfy. before we get to that, though, some congratulations. you just signed a book deal that will come out in a couple of weeks. >> thank you. we did. children's picture book both about balancing tech and nontech in your life called dot complicated. >> a lot of people will want to know you're one of the first employees of facebook. is it about facebook? and it's not? >> it will have a few of my personal favorites from facebook but definitely not a memoir or tell all. i have to save the memoir. >> too early. >> that's right, too early. >> that comes a little bit down the road. let's get into these digital etiquette questions. we will start with the selfy.
9:40 am
i took one earlier today because i wanted to get your take on t i totally whiffed, holding it up too high. see, there's my forehead. i couldn't get the angle. >> some celebrities have a twitter handle like willie geist's hair. that would be a perfect selfy if you have that twitter handle. >> maybe i'm on to something. >> like angelina jolie's leg, you could have your own thing going. you really nailed the angle. you always have to take a selfy from above, which uh-uh learned the hard way. >> lot of neck. >> there you go. >> there it is. >> there it is. amazing. the angle is really important. you always have to take it from above. and the lighting is really important, too. >> the bigger question, to me, is why the selfy? what's the idea behind the selfy? what are you trying to tell me by sending out a picture of yourself? >> social media, for a lot of people, is about self identity and expression. for a lot of people, that's their -- they get a lot of
9:41 am
validation from people liking or commenting on a photo of them. i do think, though, that the key to the selfy is moderation. >> yeah, i couldn't agree more with that. >> also i'm not a big fan of the puckered lips or the duck face, if you will. >> right, right. >> i think there are times -- oh, yeah. >> this one? >> that's exactly right. that's a bad selfy. don't do the duck face. there is a time and place for it, if you get a new haircut, you're in a great place, you want to show off to your friends. >> the next one about the dating world. you just had a date with someone new. when is it okay to friend them without looking too anxious? this used to be when do i call them after the first date. when do you friend somebody after a first date or do you? >> it's funny. now with social media there's all these new steps, definitive steps in relationships. you know, for me, my general rule of facebook friending is that i have to have a few meaningful encounters with
9:42 am
someone before they can be a facebook friend. for me, first date, not really enough. >> for the control room, we only have a minute left here. i'm going to jump ahead to the end. our last one, we've been talking about this one. the reply all. >> dreaded reply all. >> this is the biggest complaint people have. >> biggest pet peeve everyone said was reply all. have you ever done an e-mail where you introduced two people? >> yes. >> and then they continue to reply all every thursday at 9:00, 10:00, coffee. you're like, please, people, just drop me from the thread. i introduced you. >> i was the matchmaker. i don't need to go on the date with you. >> exactly right. >> when you send out a mass e-mail you need to say please only reply to me. >> that's right and inevitably you have someone who replies all. then they send out another reply all apologizing for their reply all. if you make a gaffe, no need for
9:43 am
the reply all apology. >> if you're in the hole, stop digging. i'm going to work on those selfies. >> awesome. can't wait. we are spicing up that plain old roasted chicken you've been eating all these years. see what we're doing with it after this. try delicious light & fit greek it's no ordinary nonfat yogurt. it has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories, it's the lightest greek yogurt with fruit. its creamy, thick texture helps satisfy you. so you won't feel like you're running low on satisfaction. light & fit greek. be light and fit. and satisfied.
9:44 am
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to help get kids the start they deserve. [ telephone rings ] hello. [ man ] jen, there are a lot of beauty brands that want you to represent them. really, who? no. they add too much fragrance. no, they make you wear pink. are you kidding? no. nah. [ telephone rings ] no. not my style. no. [ cellphone rings ] [ man ] you might like this one. aveeno®. aveeno®. let me think about it. [ male announcer ] the beautiful jennifer aniston now for aveeno®. >> announcer: "today's" kitchen is brought to you by smooth
9:47 am
roast coffee only at burger king, where taste is king. >> this morning in "today's" kitchen, spicing up your roast chicken. richard blais is out with a new cookbook, "try this at home:recipes from my head, literally, to your plate." i love that cover shot. >> it was fun. it was fun. >> well done. usually, you have liquid nitrogen. today you're making it easy for all of us. >> ancient tools. anybody can do this at home. >> try this at home. >> we're talking about roast chicken. >> which we all love. sometimes it can be sort of blaise. yours, we kick it up a notch. >> brianing, bryaning, you add sugar, salt, spices to water. it's fail proof. >> kind of like what you do for the turkey. >> turkey, brine. you can do it for the chicken.
9:48 am
szechuan peppercorns. put it in the fridge. let it sit overnight. that will make sure the bird retains all of its moisture, easy to cook. because it's salted you don't have to worry about overseasoning the bird. it's done for you. that's the first step. >> wonderful. >> the most exciting part. >> lemon curd, right? >> lemon curd. >> i think of dessert. >> it's a play off of black pepper and lemon chicken, which you can find in most markets. this is lemon jouice and sugar. what we're going to do -- actually, what you're going to do if you don't mind. >> sure. get to work here. >> is there gelatin at all? >> no, just the sugar and lemon juice. beautiful bright acidity of the lemon juice and the richness of the butter. you have the sweetness from a little bit of the sugar. >> there's no reason to buy the stuff you see on the store shelves? >> you don't have to. quite honestly for this recipe, you could. it's fine. it marinades the bird and glazes
9:49 am
the bird. store bought would be fine. >> this is lemon curd when it's done. >> smells good, too. >> doesn't it sound nice and romantic? lemon curd. usually i'm cooking, as you said, with high-tech gadgets. liquid nitrogen. this is the most ancient tool, mortar. we're going to crush black pepper and coriander. want to take out some aggression? >> always. always. >> jump in there. crush the coriander and black pepper. it doesn't have to be super fine. rosemary and sage in the lemon curd. that looks great. you'll dump all those spices into the lemon curd as well. >> through the magic of -- it's heavy. >> take out your aggression, get a little workout. >> there you go. mix that up. >> simply mix all of that up. the fun part, we're going to season our bird.
9:50 am
you see recipes that say put pounds and pounds of butter under the skin of the bird. we're actually going to put the lemon curd inside there. it's a two-person job. you have to get in there. >> you have to get in there, right. >> massage it. >> make it feel good. >> under the skin and on top of the skin here. >> how long are you going to put it in the oven for? >> 400 degrees and start it with a high heat, nice brown crust. sugar in the lemon curd will enable it to caramelize. >> how long does it take to cook down to that? >> about an hour. of course, it dpensd on tepends size of your bird. but about an hour. >> and then you have artichokes, right? >> northern california mood. >> i like that. >> it's artichoke season. artichokes finished on the grill. carve up our bird. >> it's that good.
9:51 am
richard blais, delicious. thank you. we're going to eat, take a little break. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
wonderful. >> oh, yeah. that bird is going to be gone. coming up tomorrow, designer clothes under 100 bucks. and soleil moon frye is going to stop by. donnie wahlberg is coming up with hoda and kathie lee after your local news and weather. ♪
9:54 am
♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to add some beauty to your yard, get 5 annuals for just $5 at lowe's today. you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 9:56 now. good morning. i'm marla tellez.
9:55 am
the west sacramento police officer accused of raping women while he was on duty is set to appear in court for the first time this afternoon. sergio alvarez is charged with 35 counts including kidnapping, sexual assault and burglary. investigators say he would pull women over while he was on patrol and then assault them. at least six victims have been identified. alvarez was arrested and fired this week after a five-month investigation. a bay area couple missing for a month in peru has been spotted for first time in a month in a remote village. the u.s. embassy in peru says the couple is heading for ecuador. the couple son a psyis on a cyc that started in november. christina loren has that forecast. >> we've got a beautiful day, comfortable temperatures and good air quality. hard to believe we're still in winter in the bay area. two more days of february to go and temperatures are going to continue to climb as we finish off the month.
9:56 am
70 degrees livermore, 70 gilroy, 68 on the way for san jose today. getting into the first day of march friday, 74 degrees, even warmer saturday. then the rain returns and temperatures drop like a rock heading into next week. rain on the way for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. good morning, fremont great right here by the truck scales and by tesla, but just north of here the map shows you why it's lighter traffic here. folks are held up going southbound out of newark passing dekoto and stevenson a crash on the shoulder. folks are really slowing down over the last ten minutes heading down toward mission boulevard. if you are on the roadway, take cherry to boys or take fremont boulevard, join up as you get past the parkway. north 101 a little slowing there. the toll plaza just beginning to back up. >> we'll be back at 10:26.
9:57 am
9:58 am
from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, we're so glad you're with us on ts rainy, dismal, but exciting wines day wednesday, february 27th. >> kind of an icky day in new york today. >> we live in an old house, even older than frank and me, not put together but pretty old. and i thought it's not going to make it through this one last night. >> really windy.
9:59 am
>> i thought it was going to come down last night. >> if you ever come to new york and go up in one of those high-rises. >> or live in one like you do. >> like we live. you do too. >> not that much. >> you can really hear it creaking and swaying. and it's a little scary. >> built to do that. but you have to keep reminding yourself. >> we have something we need to clear up from yesterday. apparently you made news by blurting something out. >> i didn't blurt anything. you can only blurt something you know. i didn't know this. >> well, here's what happened. yesterday you guys remember we were talking about kim and kanye being photographed on the cover of that french magazine. and then we discussed that kim was having a baby. and kathie said -- >> you think i confirmed she is having a girl. >> because you said in four months she is having a girl. >> let's look at what we said. we actually have it -- >> don't say we. what you said. this is what she said. >> are you talking to me? [ no audio ]
10:00 am
>> well, we didn't hear that either. hopefully you heard that at home. >> did you hear it? what you said -- >> allegedly -- >> you said -- you didn't say it as a straight-out fact. >> because i don't know. >> you said "i think." >> i read it like everybody else in the papers early this week. so i don't know -- >> that was not independently confirmed by one of your -- sources. >> no, no, no. i had lunch with chris. i told you that. but we didn't talk about the baby and she didn't mention the sex. >> okay. so we don't know. that's what we're going on record saying. so there's a big controversy a-brewing. marissa mayer is the ceo of yahoo! and has been there for seven months and made news for a couple reasons. went back to work after having a baby after a couple weeks and that caught people off guard because it's unusual to happen. but she had been wanting this job for a long time and wanted to get in the saddle, there she
10:01 am
was. she made an announcement she is going to ban working from home among the employees at yahoo!. >> right. >> and that caused a lot of -- >> a stir? >> a stir, yeah. because a lot of people rely on working from home to balance their life. you know. because they have obligations and kids. i guess she says people work better when they're face-to-face and she wants a lot of interaction, wants people around one another, et cetera, et cetera. but a lot of people are very, very upset, because people need to work from home. because they have other obligations, and -- >> there was a time when nobody worked from home unless you were a farmer. and then you worked at your farm. so a lot of people don't remember that that was the norm. that was very much the norm. and this is a new phenomenon going on in the workplace. >> and it's making it so a lot of people who have families and things like that can balance and work together. >> yes. >> it's caused a big stir. and your thoughts on the stir? >> well, i have mixed emotions on this. because, you know how i feel about trying to be fair to every -- to everybody involved. she's worked very long and very hard and she's to become a ceo.
10:02 am
she is one of only 20 women in the country that are women ceos. so i think for all of us as women she would be grateful that some of them have -- gotten through that ceiling and are actually working at ceos. very makes an awful lot of money. she has won $117 million over the next five years. so -- >> big salary. >> but here's the point. she didn't start out as a ceo. she started out like everybody else, you know, working her way up. so she as now a ceo -- i don't think we would be having this discussion at all if she weren't a woman. because what was it, jack welch, what did he used to do at general electric? he used to -- >> his mandate was he would cut the bottom 10% because he said the bottom 10% weren't as productive so number one, they didn't really fit in the company right and said they would be happier elsewhere because they should be doing better than they are. >> yeah. so i think it's right as a ceo to run her company the way she thinks it's best run, because
10:03 am
she is beholden to the shareholders. it's a public company. so i respect that. the stock, when she started was $16.64 a share. today it's up 33%. to $21 a share. so if you're a shareholder, you say, i like what she's doing with our company. if you happen to be somebody that's gotten used to having that time at home, you don't like it. i can see it from everybody's perspective. but the truth is, she has the right to make that choice. to benefit her company. >> i think if you're -- i think the whole thing is, you should -- employees work the best when they're happy. okay? and some people are, you know -- you feel like someone trusts you. if you feel like, look, i'm not a good work from home person. i'm not good at it, i'll admit it, i'm on the phone, and i watch soaps. other people work. >> "days of our lives." >> mom, are you watching marlena, i got into it. others are good at working from home. it shows a trust. here's a thing. if the productivity is down because people are working from
10:04 am
home and there is an issue there. but if there are people who are very productive in their house and don't have to commute, which makes an hour sometimes back and forth -- two hours. >> of course. >> where you could be working. >> all good, good points. >> there are a lot of good reasons. and i think to make a blanket statement like now we're no longer having that policy and don't you think other companies will look at that going maybe that works. >> she has got to be vince lombardi and say this is my football field, my team. there are reports that there was a lot of slacking off at yahoo! a lot of waste, a lot -- and she is trying to get her ship in shape. i'm not saying it's a choice i would make. i think i would have liked to have gone to everybody and said, listen, you guys, we've got a big problem with slacking off. i'm going to give you guys an opportunity. this is what our tammy would do. of course -- tamsville. >> we want to point out tammy is the head of our show, female head of our show. people were writing in yesterday, and this is going off point for a second. because another guy who works here named davy was telling us to wrap the show up. dave doesn't run the show.
10:05 am
dave is a guy who points at us. and tells us -- okay? tammy runs the show, and dave sleeps through it. >> he points -- really, really well. he's told by somebody in our control booth, you know -- it's time to go. we've got to wrap. so our female ceo right here, tammy, runs our ship. but i do think -- >> and she runs it extremely well, and she as a working mom says a day i get to work at home means a great deal to me much. >> i know it does. but steve birk, who is our ceo here at comcast, could say yes or no to the fact that she could do that. that's why you're a ceo. >> but -- >> you take the blame when things go wrong and you take a lot of money when things go well. >> if seems to me if somebody is productive at home, why shouldn't they work at home? >> the ceo -- >> how does she know what everybody is doing? >> maybe she does. how do we know what she knows? >> i know what she knows. so -- that's what i like to say
10:06 am
i know. >> i do know one thing, people work really, really hard and two-income families and it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet. and i feel for everybody. but, you know, we live in a world where there's a certain system in place. and it's -- it may not seem fair to people. but -- >> but the funny thing -- >> she put in the hours or else she really slept her way up to the top. i don't know. even that way, honey, you pay. you know what i'm saying? >> the thing about an internet company, part of what was so magical about those companies are, you could work from different places. people talked about that. that's what made internet companies so cool and hip and neat. you could take your laptop, you could go outside, go in your home. >> but this world is evolving. you and i can't do our job from home. >> no, but i'm talking about her people and her job. that was part of the appeal of the internet. >> and they were losing in the marketplace. their company was going into the toilet. she had to do something. >> i just wonder if that was the thing to do. i'm just saying. and i know a lot of other people who work from home, from other
10:07 am
companies are nervous that if my company does that, i'm scared. >> well -- >> because if my child has a sniffly nose and can't get into daycare, i don't want to call a babysitter and try to figure out how to work it all out. >> i feel for everybody. >> i like yelling. just getting louder and louder. >> everybody forgets that feminism started out about choice. we said we want the same choices men have. we want it, we want equality in the workplace. and everybody loves feminism until somebody makes a choice that's different from the one you would make. well -- >> i'm not saying her choice is right, hoda. i'm saying she has the right to make it. she is the head of that, and she is answerable to that board of directors and all of her shareholders. >> and her employees. >> and her employees. but they have the choice to leave if they would like to -- >> no, they don't. >> you can leave a job. this is not a gulag. >> you can leave a job, but where are you going? there is a terrible economy. you have to stay. you have no kmois choice. trapped, dropped. nowhere to go. >> like we are. >> just like we are.
10:08 am
trapped. >> i'm not trapped, baby. maybe you feel that way. but i don't feel trapped. i feel grateful to have a job. >> i do too. >> grateful to make a living. >> grateful -- >> grateful i'm not trapped. >> okay. >> you notice not trapped by facial hair anymore. and please don't e-mail like i don't care about people. it is not about that at all. it is not about that. i do. and i wish things were perfect for everybody. they're not. and i'm just trying to be fair. >> i know you are. but let's talk about something trivial that doesn't matter. okay. ben affleck's beard. >> as the country goes into the toilet, sure. >> this is very important, though. because do you think he looked fetching with his beard? >> i really like ben affleck, i think he's incredibly talented, not my type and i'm sure jennifer garner is going to be so thrilled to know i'm not a threat. but i like him without the beard best. >> me too. i do too. this is what -- these are different levels. that's the full beard from "argo," that's the scruffy look in the middle and the other is plain. we actually did a klg and
10:09 am poll. >> because we thought it was important. >> that's what we poll on. we didn't poll on the other thing. we polled on this. apparently most people like him clean-shaven. >> yes. and everybody made a big thing about -- sorry. phlegm. george clooney -- ahhh! >> gross. >> fry the fish! no, that george clooney -- stop waving to us. no, no, we're just going to say no. george clooney has got a beard for a role that he's about to play. and we want to say, if you watch "top chef" you're familiar with quick-fire wines. it's the name of one of the challenges of the show and we are drinking it to celebrate their finale tonight. >> tonight? >> i've got -- this is not the chardonnay. we both have the pino noire. >> they're duking it out, our boss and the guy who points at us. >> tammy, ceo, what do you want us to do? >> go to break? >> not the new kid on the block.
10:10 am
>> donny wahlberg who is a ceo is here. but first these messages. in brookside chocolate, a world of remarkable tastes comes together. rich, dark chocolate meets sweetened soft centers flavored with exotic fruit juices, like pomegranate, goji with raspberry, and acai with blueberry. it's chocolate like you've never experienced it before. and it comes from a place called brookside. discover brookside. but with kids growing up fast, fighting seven signs of aging gets harder. introducing total effects moisturizer plus serum. for the ninety-two practices, two proms, and one driving test yet to come. she'll need our most concentrated total effects ever. [ female announcer ] green giant broccoli and cheese sauce. only 60 calories per serving. get back on track
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10:13 am
we're the harris family. and we love chex. ♪ donny wahlberg skyrocketed to the hall of fame. when the band broke up, he turned his talents to acting. >> back on tour with the guys in the band and executive producer and creator of a brand-new series for tnt called "boston's
10:14 am
finest." >> late '80s we skyrocketed to fame. >> oh, really. >> google it. okay. >> so you -- >> get over yourself boy band wonder. >> so now mr. executive producer, this is -- >> ceo, hoda. >> quite a few things. how does it feel to be running the show on this? >> it's fun. it's such a huge endeavor to do something like this. first of all, to shoot police officers at work. it takes a great team, and i'm not the only executive producer. there are other people, and we have a great, great team involved. but -- >> you can't be there all the time. >> no. >> you're busy. >> no, people always ask, do you do ride-alongs. what am i going to do, pull up on a crime scene, guys with guns, there's donny wallberg, get him. >> you wanted to do something that was the essence of where
10:15 am
you grew up in boston. you were under pressure to do some really creepy things about boston. >> well, yeah. you know -- you go around to tv networks and they all want, you know, the trashy, you know -- ex wives of south boston. and this and that. so i really didn't want to do that. i wanted to do something great. i'm very proud of my city. i also am working on a great cop show in new york. i kind of owe boston one, as well. >> and you have respect for the law enforcement. >> absolutely. >> you -- tell us about the run-in that changed -- >> i played so many cops, first of all, in my era, i've got to work with cops who teach me and technical advisers. and we learn -- as actors, we want to play the emotion of the moment and this and that. but when you play a cop, it's really important to get in touch with what really matters, which is to do their job to the best of their abilities, make sure they don't let their brothers and sisters on the force down. going into boston, i knew that was what was most important to these officers and anything we did that compromised that would be a problem. whether on screen or off. in terms of cameras being in
10:16 am
their way and jeopardizing their safety. and what she sw as a in the end. i want -- these officers are from the neighborhoods i grew up in, risk their lives everyday. and i want to do them proud. >> were they quick to go along with this? this is one of those things you're not sure if you should go with it. if something bad goes down, it's on tape. >> absolutely. they were -- it's interesting. because some officers were quick to go with it. but they didn't quite know what that meant. and slowly i think it was really a thing about trust. i think the city, the powers that be in the city let me and my team produce this show because they trusted, i'm a local boy. i'll do right by the city. they are. and the officers we had to earn their trust. you know, riding along with them at first, the first few weeks, they didn't say much. and the funny thing, i kept getting e-mails, me and my fellow executive producers getting e-mails here in new york saying there is no crime happening. there is no crime. no one is getting robbed. we're not getting anything great. and i was like, well, the mayor is going to be happy, but tnt is not going to be happy. >> you're going to be -- sing again. you guys are getting together. a bunch of boy bands together,
10:17 am
yeah? >> yeah. >> is that string to go from such a different world right back into the old -- with the choreography? >> i love it. i have worked since i was 14 years old. i became the founding member of new kids on the block when i was 14, which is -- i don't even know what decade that was in. ♪ memoriy ♪ but i worked my whole life to be doing the things i'm doing, but now they come to fruition at the same time. as a dad. >> you earned it. >> and i want to take advantage of it while it's here. you know, things are good. and this is, you know -- i feel like this is what i've always wanted to have happen. >> we believe you -- >> give my love to tom sellick. >> the greatest. >> all right. boston's finest premiers tonight on tnt. and get ready to laugh. >> is this you? >> go, go. ♪ >> my slacks are tight today. >> hop on, hoda. ♪
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we're back. it's time to take a look at the wacky photos that make you say -- >> what the what? >> sara has carefully combed through the three. and here are the three that are the top picks of the week. >> our first photo comes from randy from myrtle beach, south carolina. is this what it means when a thief fences? it's like the new planking, ba dum-bum. >> he is taking it to his mom who needs a front gate. >> the next is from vicki from kentucky. i'm suddenly not so hungry. there might be something at b3 that's probably not edible. >> is that -- maybe it is. >> is that a condom? >> i don't think they come in edible. >> oh, yeah, they do. [ laughter ] >> flavored, maybe. but no. next we have a photo from ally
10:22 am
from carlsbad, california. >> oh, my god. >> wait a minute. >> i'm no expert, but i'm pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to be used. >> she confidence herself by getting in the bottom so the mom put her in there and she fell asleep so it worked. >> she liked it down there. >> and there is another baby in the top, right? >> yeah, another baby up there, but i feel like the middle one is having child syndrome, doesn't get attention, and going to the bottom -- >> when you're that little, your body bends. >> when is the last time you fit in one of those? >> hey, watch it. >> kim warner from mt. joy, pennsylvania sent us this photo. >> private sign. do not read. >> too late. too late. >> that's cute. >> that was on harrisburg, pennsylvania. finally, lisa timerman from -- >> the hairy ape. >> seriously, where did you get your hair done? the hairy ape. sometimes you feel like that when you walk in. >> oh, my gosh. >> maybe they do waxing. >> hoda, worse!
10:23 am
>> every time we went to this restaurant, this guy was on his bike, he was wearing a rug on his back. i wanted to stop and wax the guy. i really did. >> ooh! >> 40-year-old virgin, a scene from the movie. >> after this, we are going to enjoy ourselves. the combination with joy bauer. and the cat in the hat is here. so there you have that. ♪ been busy building a new, stronger so it holds up better, kind of angel soft®. it's now built with two softshield™ layers. when wet, new angel soft® is one, two, three times stronger than the leading value brand. well done, angels! stronger, holds up better... all wrapped up in a value you love. new angel soft®. now stronger than ever.
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10:25 am
today a vote on whether millions will be spend on a grand opening bash of the bay bridge span. the bay bridge authorities deciding if the celebration is worth $6 million in toll money. the money would pay for public safety and access during the celebration of the new eastern span which opens labor day weekend. private funds are also being raised for a fireworks show. either way, it's going to be a good party. we'll take a look at the forecast after the break. [ wind howling ]
10:26 am
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10:27 am
10:28. taking a live look. we do have some midlevel clouds streaming in over sunol. the hills nice and green here. we've got more rain next week to keep those hills green, but not before we hit a warm-up. 70 livermore, 64 degrees in san francisco. we're going to keep on climbing all the way through the first part of the weekend. let's check your drive. still busy out there, mike. >> bay bridge toll plaza, last report, it looked like a backup was just starting to form. it did. a four-car crash that occurred right after our last report. it was slow moving to treasure islands. we have those metering lights. should be clearing soon. 880 smooth although the second of two crashes still on the shoulder passing mallory. and we'll look at the san mateo bridge crossing over the bay from the hayward side. an easy drive. we do have one truck in the
10:28 am
bottom. no delays. at the peninsula, a little haze, but traffic flow pretty xw through san mateo. >> the truck that's just standing by. we'll have more of the day's top stories coming up in 30 minutes. we hope to see you again at 11:00. ♪ and we are back on this win winesday wednesday. we are playing "who knew" in honor of two special events this saturday, the birthday of the beloved author dr. seuss and national read across america day. kathie lee is across the street and ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right. and to those who don't, they get a copy of dr. seuss' book, "the 500 hats of bartholomew cub ins." helping me out in the studio is -- the cat in the hat! who we just found out doesn't speak. so this is going to be very,
10:29 am
very interesting. all right, kath, over to you. >> after working with me, you would probably find that to be delightful, right? >> uh-huh. >> this lovely lady is from new orleans, hoda. name two dr. seuss books that have become major motion pictures. "the grinch" and "the cat in the hat." >> the cringe that what? >> that stole christmas. >> yes, she's got that right. and the other ones, in case, the lorax, horton hears a who, and that's it. are those right? i guess that's a yes. this is going to be a lot of fun. back over to kath. >> for once i'm glad i came over in the ring. what is the overall best-selling dr. seuss book? "cat in the hat,"" oh, the places you'll go" or "green eggs and ham" or "one fish two fish"?
10:30 am
>> "green eggs and ham"? >> yes! >> yes, she's got it. the correct answer is "green eggs and ham." now, do you like green eggs and ham? oh, yes. that's a yes. back over to kath. >> he's great, huh? philadelphia right? okay. finish this famous phrase from "green eggs and ham." i do not like green eggs and ham. >> i do not, my name is sam i am? >> close enough. >> that was not right! >> i told them they could cheat. >> no, no. that was not right. that wasn't correct. i don't know if we saw that. the correct answer is, i do not like them, sam i am. is that right? okay. this is really fascinating. back over to kath. >> where are you from, hon? >> brooklyn. >> dr. seuss won a $50 bet with
10:31 am
his publisher by writing a book with only 50 words. >> false? [ buzzer ] >> everybody here telling you true. but you didn't cheat. god bless you, i'm giving them both to you. >> all right, yes, it is true. "green eggs and ham" is the book. and 49 words with one syllable words. can you say one one-syllable word? okay. this is fine. let's go over to kath. >> a lady from delaware, ohio. i like cheating. this is fun! what was dr. seuss' really name? bartholomew cubbins, theodore highsel, or sam horton? >> sam horton. [ buzzer ] >> everybody is yelling, but doggone it, she didn't cheat, and i'm giving them both to her! >> you see how good this is? just so we know. seuss happens to be theodore geisel's middle name, right?
10:32 am
right? is that yes? yes, that's -- yes. back over to kath. >> you need that for your real hoda when you're looking for your next job. what was the name of the last book dr. seuss published? this lady is from australia, by the way. was it "fox in socks," "if i ran the zoo", "oh, the places you'll go" or "hop on pop." >> c, "the places you'll go"? >> yes, published in 1990. anyway, why don't you just hug me? it's over. okay, oh, thank you, cat. we are going to be right back after this. we're going to talk to the boss in the boardroom. talking to the donald right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original
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10:36 am
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios donald trump is back in the boardroom with an all-star edition of his nbc hit show, "the celebrity apprentice." >> this time the donald has brought back some of the biggest celebrity egos in music, tv, sports and entertainment and they're all ready to get fired again! >> they keep coming back for this. great to see you. >> we have one brett who won and
10:37 am
decided he wanted to do it again and i thought it was crazy. bret michaels, great guy. he won and he came back. and so let's see what happens with him. but i thought it was crazy to do that. but he's competitive and wanted to win more money because we raised millions. >> it's for charity. >> and also you said the word crazy. let's just talk about the other crazies on here. you take -- do you have lloyds of london in gary busey. >> he's great and deny no, sir rodman. >> he's safe in korea right now. >> he likes the north koreans more than us. a little bit different. but dennis is fantastic. >> was it tough to pick? you had a lot of people who have been canned. >> we did. but it was easy this time, actually, because it's an all-star version so we picked the best people. >> oh, you did. >> so it just worked out fantastically well. and the show, we've shot really a lot of the show, we've had i guess -- we're going to have three or four episodes at the end, at least a couple that will be live. this way nobody -- this way nobody can tell you who won. they can't come out and say, oh --
10:38 am
>> you know who is on again is amarosa. the big demon of the early seasons. >> i'm in love with amarosa. you know that. amarosa is great. she is evil. she is sinister. one of the -- >> reminds you of someone. >> who? >> who does she remind you of? >> i don't think anybody. but she has got some edge that's just unique. i think tv guide, one said the most evil person in the history of reality television. think of it. and she loves the title. >> she is one of the original wuntz. >> yeah, she is fantastic. >> and what's -- >> and by the way, she's really crazy-bad in this one. >> she is? >> yeah. and it's funny, because usually the first episode, sunday, you sort of -- >> everybody is feeling each other out. >> this is the best one eve ever had. and it starts with amarosa and piers. >> and piers won one time. >> look at piers he won, and then larry king and trace
10:39 am
atkins, number one country singer, right up there. all of them. john rich is doing well. joan rivers has done fantastically. and arsenio hall has his own show now. >> so you're kind of a launching pad for these guys? >> you know what i get? nothing. >> don't even send flowers. >> then they think what do you think of donald trump? we don't like him. unbelievable. >> and you care. oh, how -- it hurts your feelings, and it breaks your heart. >> you weigh in on so many things. you weighed in on seth mcfarland at the oscars. you did not like that performance. >> i like seth a lot, actually. and i thought he was good. i didn't like the glamour of the whole thing and seth was the roast master on comedy central and did well. seth is really great. i like to see glamour. i hated the set. it was so tacky. it was terrible. i hated the set. and i just thought, you know, old hollywood, the days of "gone with the wind," clark gable. >> gregory peck was not there. >> you know the girl is fantastic, wonderful, but falls.
10:40 am
so lying on her face so something missing with the glamour, do we agree? >> glamour wasn't there. >> i agree with you. although he does sing well. >> no, i think he's wonderful. i like him. >> wish you good luck. >> i think this sunday night at 9:00, 8:00 central. >> it is. on nbc. so tune in. >> we have to go. >> because we have to enjoy. >> yes, our fit ladies are back. and dropping weight. >> they are crazy. >> disappearing before our eyes. >> yes. >> disappearing before our eyes. >> yes. >> go, girl. >> disapwhen it i want threeyes. >> yes. looking ythings: >> go, girl. banish wrinkles, beat gravity, and now, fill in those little sunken places. l'oreal creates revitalift triple power moisturizer. with 3% pro-xylane- our highest concentration- to stimulate collagen. revitalift addresses the three dimensions of aging. wrinkles. two...refirm contours. three...replenish facial volume. anti-aging? make mine triple power! new revitalift triple power, from l'oreal.
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[ traffic passing ] ] taste, ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
10:44 am
♪ >> we're back with week five of our enjoy getting fit series. while we were in l.a. for a couple weeks, our girls were working hard to stay in shape. and we are happy to be back with them. and just to remind you, team hoda is jessica and mindy. >> and heidi and cathy, with us via skype.
10:45 am
>> why? >> some black ice and she broke her ankle in three places so she is going to rest up. we're happy to see her. >> still going strong, by the way. >> good for her. >> and master of ceremonies. >> hello. everybody has been asking, what are these beautiful women doing to lose the weight? so i just want to remind people, on your website,, there is effective recipes, and they have pedometers and every day they are responsible for 12 thousand steps. so they don't have to go to the gym, don't have to go on the floor and do push-ups or situps, but they do have to walk 12,000 steps. >> how can cathy do that with a broken ankle? >> cathy is excused from the walking but doing arm circles. >> how far is 12,000 steps? >> six miles. >> of walkinging. >> yeah, and obviously it's working. these girls are shrinking. >> let's talk weight loss. how is everyone doing! >> fabulous! >> okay. so we're going to start with
10:46 am
yelena. >> hey. >> so she started at 145 pounds. she is now 130 pounds. she has lost 15 pounds! >> that's extraordinary. good for you. >> 15 pounds since -- >> next we have jessica, started at 206. she is now 196. >> good job! >> ten pounds! >> i know. >> amazing. >> mindy, started at 198. she is now 176. she is down 22 pounds. >> wow. we're going to have to beat this girl. >> zakiya. she started at 235. she is now 224. she is down 11 pounds. and last but not least, we have heidi. heidi started at 182. today she is 162! she is down 20 pounds! >> how about kathie we're going
10:47 am
to hold because she can't get on the scale. she is going to wobble back in next week and we'll have a weigh-in for her. she is going strong and i have high hopes. >> we're going to come back. we're going to have a little bit of a challenge after this. we're going to take a commercial break and bring back our food challenge after this. >> and see who can dish it out best. first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
we are back with part two of our enjoy getting fit series and time for a blind at a time test. >> each team created its own recipes using joy's unlimited food. we have to decide which we like the best without knowing which team made which dish. >> and unlimited foods are foods you can eat with abandon, even when trying to lose weight because they're so low-calorie, the nonstarchy vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and kale and spinach, chicken broth
10:51 am
and vinegars and mustards and wasabi. so they got very creative. >> what is this? >> this is a zucchini linguine, saute sauteed, cut up like spaghetti, sauteed in oil spray with garlic and onion powder with marinara sauce. >> oh, my gosh, i would eat that instead of pasta in a second. >> and all these recipes will be on my website and yours, and i'll put them on twitter and facebook. >> delicious. >> this is a roasted tomato and garlic pureed soup. so the tomatoes were roasted in the oven with onions and garlic and then put into a pot with all sorts of seasonings and pureed. >> that's good too. >> a freebie. a total freebie. >> let's live here for a minute. we wish we -- >> really -- wine. >> that's delicious too. >> wine wasn't on the unlimited list. >> when you say unlimited -- >> they're so low, the calories are so low in these items, you don't even have to count them towards anything. >> you could can eat this all day long?
10:52 am
>> all day long. >> that's better than pasta. >> come on over here. this one is called shanghai stir fry. it's all sorts of vegetables and water chestnuts and bok choy and sugar snap peas and peppers, sauteed with wasabi, fresh ginger and soy sauce. >> good too. >> you know what? the ginger is one of those things i think that adds such a zing. >> what a dilemma. >> it makes the kitchen smell divine. >> one more bite. >> so this one is very clever. this is a fresh salsa, chopped up tomatoes, with all sorts of things like a salsa, but instead of carby caloriefic chips, lettuces to scoop it up. >> so now you have a choice of four recipes. you don't know which team submitted which. >> very spicy. >> wait, i have a question.
10:53 am
what are we doing? are we supposed to pick the one we like or the table? >> no, there's one winner out of the four recipes. and you two are going to -- >> so all as one. >> each team submitted two. there is only one winner. >> we have two minutes. >> oh. >> if we need a tie-breaker, we call in sara. >> we have to try again. >> this is a zucchini ling winny. >> i like the name. a nice -- >> it's just like pasta. and it's guilt-free. so-low calorie. >> one second. >> you guys, this is a little stressful. >> intense! >> it wasn't easy. we want to point out how it was not easy at all to pick. we did it in seven seconds. no, every one is delicious. but -- >> for me, why it was easier for me? because if there had been one
10:54 am
less ingredient -- there was one ingredient in each one of those two that i didn't like. so right off the bat, you guys wouldn't know -- there is a flavor i don't like. so that was off-putting for me. although it was delicious. >> i was torn. i loved the gingery taste of that. of the stir fry. that was delicious and light. but i like comfort foods. >> come on, pick one! >> i like comfort foods -- >> takes us to this table. >> we're going to move over here. >> oh! >> and we're -- the winner is -- zucchini linguine! >> oh! >> so tell me about the zucchini linguine. >> my daughter told me she never had such delicious pasta before in her life. she said mommy, i love this spaghetti. >> yeah. >> i'm telling you, i could eat that instead of spaghetti. >> do you see what i'm saying? that's why everyone is dropping weight. zucchini linguine. >> i'm going to tweet out and
10:55 am
put on facebook all four of these award-winning recipes. >> you're joy bauer. >> because we love food. >> ambush makeovers, and guess who is coming? >> jason kennedy. i love him. also, tv browser mark burnet and his beautiful wife roma downy coming up this weekend. have an awesome wednesday. what do you think of this one?
10:56 am
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10:57 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to add some beauty to your yard, get 5 annuals for just $5 at lowe's today. nbc bay area news starts now. [ gunshots ] >> suspect down. >> this morning only nbc bay area takes you behind police lines and inside those final moments of a shoot-out between police and a man suspected of killing two officers in santa cruz. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. those officers not just accomplished veterans but also beloved parents whose families must now deal with an
10:59 am
unimaginable loss. sergeant loran baker a father of three and elizabeth butler, mother of two. now concerns over the suspect jeremy goulet and over why any of the violence had to happen in first place. bob redell is live at police headquarters in santa cruz would new details we're learning this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. santa cruz police are supposed to be updating us with what happened yesterday with a news conference that will be taking place in a half hour. the deaths of those two officers has had a tremendous impact on the community. you can see in it the number of flowers and candles left here on the department's front entrance. every few moments we've watched people come up here and pay their respects. you can see it in what people are doing around the town. schools are flying flags at half staff. down the street the calvary episcopal church opened its doors for an


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